Finish : Crystal Titanium 1.5m

Architectural Titanium
Finish : Crystal Titanium 1.5m
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Finish : Crystal Titanium 1.5m
Architectural Titanium
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Metal, Titanium

Crystal® Titanium is a proprietary product developed by Architectural Titanium LLC. The unique finish is an intrinsic part of the metal, not just a surface finish, and is produced by physically "growing" the titanium crystals in a highly controlled and specialized vacuum chamber.

Titanium, as well as most other metals, has a crystal structure which is made by regular alignment of titanium atoms in three dimensions. The transition temperature of Titanium is 885 centigrade and above this temperature crystal structure differs. At relatively lower side above the temperature, the form becomes hexagonal closest packed lattice and at higher side, it will be body-centered cubic lattice. The resulting crystals produce the most unique reflectivity and 3-dimensional, holographic effect under any lighting condition.

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