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Guardian Glass
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Natural light, neutral color
Build bright, airy spaces, earn LEED® credits and reduce operating costs. With SunGuard SuperNeutral 68 coated glass, it’s all possible. This solution lets in high amounts of natural light while preventing the heat that usually comes with it. SuperNeutral 68 coated glass transmits the most light and has the most neutral appearance of any SunGuard solution. It can also be laminated to deliver sound reduction, security, safety and hurricane protection.

Key features

Helps achieve LEED credits: Saves energy, helping to achieve certification
Bright light: 68% high light transmission
Lowers air conditioning costs: 38% solar heat gain
Available on six float glass options: Clear, UltraClear™ low-iron, gray, green, CrystalGray® and CrystalBlue®

SunGuard® SuperNeutral® Series

SunGuard® SuperNeutral products can deliver high light transmittance while reducing solar heat gain. Their neutral appearance allows architects to choose a substrate to match their vision and create striking statements of light and color while earning LEED points and controlling energy costs.

SuperNeutral 68
  - Highest light transmission
  - Neutral reflected & transmitted color
  - Solar control: 0.38 SHGC
SuperNeutral 54
  - Less interior glare
  - Neutral outdoor appearance
  - Best in class CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  - Solar control: 0.28 SHGC

SNX 62/27
  - High light transmission
  - Neutral reflected & transmitted color
  - SunGuard's highest light-to-solar-gain ratio: LSG 2.31
  - Solar control: 0.27 SHGC

SNX 51/23
  - Superior solar control: 0.23 SHGC
 - Neutral blue outdoor appearance
  - Meets the most stringent energy codes in North America

SNR 43
  - Medium visible light transmission: 43%
  - Light silver-blue exterior appearance
  - Solar control: 0.23 SHGC

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Download Catalogues

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