HERO® Fresh Air Appliance
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HERO® Fresh Air Appliance
Metal, Steel - Galvanized
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Heat Recovery

While natural infiltration of fresh air through gaps and cracks in the building envelope offers a certain amount of fresh air, with most new homes this amount of air just is not sufficient. Properly sealed homes require mechanical ventilation to remove excess moisture, odors, and contaminants while providing fresh air for occupants and enhancing comfort.

The HERO fresh air appliance provides a controlled way of ventilating a home. It works continuously to supply fresh, filtered air into the building while removing the equal amount of moist, stale air. Up to 80% of the heat in the extract air is recovered by the heat exchanger and used to heat the fresh air coming from outside. In summer, the energy of extract air transfers to cool the warmer fresh air reducing cooling loads on air conditioning.

The HERO features a counterflow core to deliver exceptional heat transfer performance. The product comes with a wall mount, external electrical box with easy connect ports, integrated in-door manometer ports and duct ports with plastic collar shrouds with integrated backdraft for simple fast installation

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