A Litobox® combines a heatpump, solar thermal system, PV-system, battery pack, rainwater purification system, heat recovery ventilation, electric switchboard and internet network in one device.

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time machine

By 2050, all residential and public buildings in the EU have to be zero-energy. A Litobox® will do the job for you today!

choose comfort

Zero energy doesn’t mean zero comfort: heating, cooling, sanitary hot water and fresh air in abundance. Every Litobox® is designed to meet the highest standards in comfort and the lowest energy consumption!


Your government likes the Litobox®! Thanks to Litobox®, every well-insulated building can be converted in a zero-energy accommodation. Receive up to 5000€ investment support per housing unit!

smart investment

Renewable energy will play an important role on the ROI in real estate. A Litobox® is a smart investment that provides an optimal return on your property in the short and long term.

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Wherever you are, your home is nearby thanks to Litobox® and Nibe Uplink.

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