Maantis Lighting System
Nome do Produto
Maantis Lighting System
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
United Kingdom
Iluminação interior

The ‘Maantis’ lighting system is a new approach to contemporary lighting design, which is the product of a collaboration between international lighting company Reggiani Illuminazione ( and RRP. The product has identified a gap in the market for high quality office lighting systems, which embrace technology to maximise a lighting system’s efficiency, while remaining aesthetically rigorous and innovative.

Following three years of development, Maantis will soon go into commercial production.

The inspiration for Maantis was taken from the iridescent glow of deep-sea creatures. The natural evolution of these creatures has led to them being able to emit a light energy which derives from their structure and metabolism. In the same way, Maantis’ prismatic polycarbonate ribs are designed to ensure that rays emanating from the principal T5 light source are diffused, reflected and refracted in such a way that the amount of light spillage and glare is minimised and the system is highly efficient. Even when the light is switched off, the prismatic ribs continue to absorb light and colours from the surrounding space and produce a slight translucent glow, depending on the exact lighting conditions.

The LEDs which feature in Maantis are used as an automatic lighting system. They have a dual function both as zonal indicators for large, open-plan offices and as a source of low-level lighting during after-work hours, which will serve to animate the office space outside of the working day. The optional use of a spotlight is offered by an additional arm at the end of the central spine. This feature can also be used to locate movement sensors which automatically illuminate a space when someone enters a room or particular space in the office.

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