MOSO® bamboo veneer
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MOSO® bamboo veneer
MOSO Bamboo Products
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MOSO Bamboo Veneer is created by slicing sheets from laminated blocks made from bamboo strips. The high quality bamboo veneer has to be pressed, preferably double sided, onto a base material or several layers of veneer can be pressed into a multiply product.



MOSO Bamboo Veneer is available in various sizes (2500 x 430 / 1250 mm 2710 x 430 mm, 3100 x 430 / 1250 mm), thickness (0.5 mm, 0.6 mm), colours (natural, caramel) & styles (side pressed, plain pressed, high density) to provide a tailor made solution for everyone. Furthermore, on request MOSO Bamboo Veneer can be supplied with FSC-label and formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm).


Product benefits

1. Sustainable, ecological and highly renewable | The giant bamboo species MOSO grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to over 50 years for most hardwood species) and can therefore act as the 

2. CO2 neutral | Through the fast growing process a large amount of CO2 is fixated which more than compensates for CO2 released during production

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