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A variety of structures, forms and sizes join forces to create countless possibilities.

Atmosphere and individuality, excitement and harmony

Colourful means alive. Colours influence our mood, soothing us or inspiring movement; they accentuate and balance the world around us. Choose from a variety of perfectly matched natural colours, delight in the unobtrusive pastel colours, the eye-catching red or blue. Or, if you prefer, you can simply choose any colour you like; we will dye the yarn for your rug just the way you like it.

The yarns are spun out of high-quality wool from New Zealand. The rugs are then hand-woven in all imaginable colours and structures. Regardless of whether it is placed on its own as a centrepiece to tie the room together or laid down to cover the floor from wall to wall, each rug is unique, with its own character, and each is different from all of the carpets that are made both before it and after it.
Each rug can be thought of as the baby of the weaver who made it; it bears his or her mark, that special signature with which they proclaim: “This is my rug! I have made it with my own hands, weaved it one thread over the other.

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