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Minimalism and rigour in the service of functionality. Yori is designed for the most innovative LED, and is configured for mounting on tracks, inside channels, recessed, onto surfaces and inside grooves in ceilings. Its versatility and elegant design make Yori the ideal solution for accent lighting in business, residential and exhibition spaces. The retracted optics of Yori Recessed make it a luminaire with excellent visual comfort; the position of the optics also means the projector's cylindrical body can accommodate a wide range of accessories.

The Yori Track projector has been developed and advanced to create Yori Evo Box, which extends the specific features of the Yori range to a new, flexible luminaire with a simple, elegant design. It comes in four sizes and features the new Precision and Performance optics with different light output, beam widths and intensity. The accessories that complete this family make it even more versatile. Yori Evo Box is available also in the Pro version, two sizes (Ø35 and Ø43mm), CRI up to >98 and wattages from 4W to 37W.

Yori Slot was designed to meet specific needs where flexible luminaire use is taken to new heights. The projector incorporates a supplementary adjustable arm that connects the top of the luminaire with the rest of the lighting body. For concealed installation in coves and architectural details, the arm can be used to adjust the projector in opposite directions, with the visible parts of the lighting body remaining in line.

Yori Zoom+Lightshaper is an extraordinary advance in lighting, featuring high performance and flexibility in a single luminaire. The five lenses inside the aluminium body facilitate adjustment of the light beam (Zoom), the size of the shapes (Diaphragm) and their sharpness (Focus). It integrates perfectly with the Yori projector and offers both square and round light frames. Zoom+Lightshaper is also available as an accessory.

Yori Recessed is available in the one-spot (round, square) and two-spots recessed versions (with bezel or trimless); the projector body comes in two sizes and a range of wattages and light beams. The mechanical extraction and adjustment system of the optics facilitates flexible, precise adjustment that can meet the lighting requirements of different settings.

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