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Zeno Sofa
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A system with many shapes and solutions: from the bookcase module integrated in the armrest, which can be used to store books or magazines, to the chaise longe and the corner modules. Structure in solid wood and plywood, padding in differentiated density polyurethane foam. The cushions, in polyurethane and feather, allow to reduce the width of the seat, for greater comfort. Among the options, armrest module with integrated wireless charger.


Modular sofa with removable cover. Frame made of solid timber and plywood. Variable densities polyurethane foam padding. Mixed down feather and foam back rest pillows. Seat with polyuretane of variable densities and mattress of indipendent pocket springs.

Basament and library arm covered exclusively in leather with the exception of woven and printed leathers. metal insert in polished Champagne or polished black Nickel finish.

Optional 1 : back cushion for pouf units and pouf with arm if used as seating.
Optional 2 : wireless charger on armrest.

ZE.C02 - 104x118,5x91 cm

ZE.C03 - 104 x 153,5 x 91 cm

ZE.A02 - 118,3 x 120 x 91 cm

ZE.CL B01 - 220,5 x 153,5 x 91 cm

ZE.CL01 - 190,5 x 153,5 x 91 cm

ZE.T02 - 133x118,6x91 cm

ZE.T03 - 133x153,6x91 cm

ZE.P08 - 103x152,5x44 cm

ZE.P07 - 118x118x44 cm

ZE.TL02 - 133x118,5x91 cm

ZE.TL03 - 133x153,5x91 cm

ZE.P03 - 103x91x44 cm

ZE.P04 - 118x91x44 cm

ZE.P06 - 103x118x44 cm

ZE.PB04 - 103x91x52 cm

ZE.PB05 - 118x91x52 cm

ZE.PB06 - 133x91x52 cm

ZE.PL04 - 103x91x52 cm

ZE.PL05 - 118x91x52 cm

ZE.PL06 - 133x91x52 cm

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