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BYG House

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Flat renovation in the Chueca neighborhood

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Airbnb, the software platform dedicated to the offer of accommodation to individuals and tourists, due to its temporary nature, offers an opportunity to reflect and explore risky and innovative typological solutions, both in their spatial organization and in their material definition that move away from traditional housing models.


Under this premise, a space is projected consisting of a single rectangular room of 7.47 x 2.80 meters, open to an interior patio facing west, where the vast majority of domestic actions take place; here, you eat, you go to sleep, you read, you receive the guests, you watch the television and you even work. The dispositionof the storage / bed in one of the ends of the house facilitates the reconfiguration and transformation of the domestic space in each moment, depending on the hour of the day, the days of the week and the number of users involved.


To this multifunctional room are added two pieces of service: the access, and the kitchen and bathroom. The colors of the three spaces (blue, yellow and gray), in addition to marking the spatial character and defining the program and use of each room are historical symbolic representations of the cave in the case of the entrance to the house, of the fire in the space where the production of food takes place, and of the stone wall in the main room. 


Both worlds, that of the pieces of service and that of the multipurpose room, are linked by an old wall built of wooden beams and pillars and filling material that is recovered and rehabilitated to act as a mediator between the three pieces while allowing us to reflect on classical domestic dualities such as public / private, inside / outside or interior/ exterior.


Material Used :
1. Carpentry (bedfurniture): El Rey de las Camas sl.
2. Kitchen: Cocinas y Granitos Plaza

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