Canopy by Hilton São Paulo Jardins
Fran Parente
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ElementoMarcaNome do Produto
Acoustic PartitionAbatex
Lounge Bar ArmchairAlessandra Delgado Design
LightCristiana Bertolucci

Folha de especificações do produto
Acoustic Partition
por Abatex
Lounge Bar Armchair
por Dpot

Canopy Jardins SP Hotel

M Magalhães Estúdio I arquitetura e interiores como Arquitetos


The hotel, which is located in the original Stella Building from the 60s, highlights the freshness and exalts the architecture, design and history of São Paulo.

M Magalhães Estúdio, which is headed by the architect Maria Magalhães, is responsible for the interior design of Canopy by Hilton São Paulo Jardins. The old Edifício Stella, an original residential project from 1960 with a project by Crocce, Aflalo and Gasperini, won an architectural project by Marchi Arquitetura and with the Incorporation of Tati Construtora e Incorporadora.

The project seeks to qualify the surroundings giving new life to the building. "The reoccupation of its interiors, as well as the urban gains it brings to the city, is, for me, a cause for joy. The requalification of urban spaces is even the subject of my master's degree and a subject of interest to the firm ", reinforces Maria Magalhães.

Given this scenario and in a plural way, the office sought to unite elements of sophistication, fun and freshness, in addition to extolling the architecture, design and history of São Paulo. This concept gained strength in the interiors with the choice of artists, furniture, colors and other elements. The result is a hotel designed to connect guests from all over the world to the great city that is São Paulo.

To define your identity, a color palette runs through all floors. Green, orange, earthy, calm, natural and warm tones, along with organic, casual and fun textures are present. The color in the project is a bit like São Paulo: the way you observe it changes depending on the angle and the light. It may be a jungle of stone, gray, green, but interesting and made of unique marks.

The stars that represent the "Edifício Stella", made with hydraulic tiles, decorate the restaurant and its bathroom, and bring an energetic look to the hotel. These drawings are original by the architect, Brazilian Pritzker, Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

On the facade, an art by the artist Speto, a Brazilian graffiti artist, takes all the gable and exposes Canopy values ​​to the city.

On the ground floor, three large wooden boxes were created that divide environments and uses: reception, access to elevators and restaurant. The concrete beams of the building were visible on the ground floor incorporating original elements of the building.

The hall, at the entrance, won a panel by the ceramist Nathalia Favaro, who takes the textures of Brazilian nature to the space. The artist created an installation with clay, using the colors terracotta and white mixed at high temperatures creating different tones on the panel. Another art is that of Marcella Riani, who brought to the wall of the facade and to the walls of the Bar, through painting, the whole concept of the interiors: fluidity, movement, vibrant colors, but also soft, Brazilian and full of femininity.

In the rooms, the inspiration came from the concrete poetry of its corners, so present in São Paulo's aesthetics, whether in Caetano Veloso's music or in modernist architecture, with strong representatives in the furniture and other details.

The design of the headboard follows the format and concept of the Canopy brand and is interpreted in each unit in a unique way. The part upholstered in leather brings comfort and warmth and the straw is the tradition of handicrafts and, the work of Danilo Zamboni, brings a contemporary perspective of the works of Lina Paulo Mendes and the importance of Avenida Paulista.

In the mezzanine, flower boxes, muxarabis and wooden benches surround the entire perimeter of the terrace, creating a garden of events in a living space with plenty of wood and green. In the lounge of the bar, the cobogós - an important element of Brazilian architecture - sector the circulation in a light way and allow the passage of light. This room integrates to the external area with a beautiful view of Ibirapuera and São Paulo’s skyline.

The creative process started from the concept that inspiration can be everywhere, and that, with a refined look and the appreciation of Brazilian culture, different pieces can coexist harmoniously in the same space. Manual elements of handicraft tradition are mixed with pieces of contemporary and industrialized design.

This is reflected in the choice of the Paulistano Armchair, by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and the Sketches by Lina Bo Bardi, which blend with the pieces designed at Aldeia Beija Flor, in the Amazon, transformed into lamps in the bar area. In the restaurant, pending by Maurício Arruda, and in the elevator hall, Ana Neute sconces bring a contemporary look to the tradition of Jalapão golden grass.


Material Used :
1. Floor: Ladrilar
2. RestaurantLining: Nani Chinellato
3. Lounge Bar Armchair: Alessandra Delgado Design
4. Room Painting: Protécnica
5. Furniture: Estúdio Bola, Alessandra Delgado, FutonCompany, Dpot, Coisas d Casa, Desmobília, Marka Móveis
6. Light: Artesol, Bertolucci, Itens
7. Woodword: Masotti
8. Fabrics: Quaker, Promex
9. Carpets: S&S Rugs
10. AcousticPartition: Abatex

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