Concert Hall in Blaibach

Concert Hall in Blaibach

Peter Haimerl
Blaibach, Germany | View Map
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Gira Video home stationGira
ceramics / tapwareDuravit
Deque| washbasin mixerDornbracht
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Folha de especificações do produto
Gira Video home station
ceramics / tapware
Deque| washbasin mixer
Deque por Dornbracht

Concert Hall in Blaibach

Peter Haimerl como Arquitetos

The concert hall represents the heart of the urban development torevitalize the new centre of Blaibach.It is located next to the new community centre and complements the space of a new village square that was realized with funds of the state urban development support.

The concert hall is a solitaire of concrete with an inclination above the slope in the village centrefollowing the topography and linking with its granite facade to the stone carver tradition of Bailbach.

The monolithic tilted building opens itself to the visitors at the new village square and guides them by a staircase to the foyer below the surface. The foyer provides not only the functional areas like wardrobe, sanitary rooms and bar, but also leads the visitor excitingly around the auditorium into the inner concert hall.

The hall unfolds its acoustics within the seemingly light building. While theprecisedlight slits illuminate the space. The building body is made of pre-cast concrete and only a highly intricate constructed formwork made the realization of the difficult form possible. The dominant tilted surfaces of the concert hallare based on acoustic specifications and includebesides LED-lights also bass absorberbehind the light slitsas well as underneath the steps for optimal acoustics.The concrete in the hall is untreated. Its lively surfaces help to absorb the medium-height tones. The inclination of the building – based on the increase of the slope – carry the gallery. The seemingly transparent seats, which are fixed on iron swords, appear to float above the light slits.

The stage of theconcert hall, which is only designed for its actual functionnot as a multifunctional room, is equipped with modern LED-stage technology.

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