Czech Mint

Czech Mint

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Tomáš Marek

Czech Mint

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History of minting

Czech minting has a tradition of more than a thousand years. Also thanks to the rich deposits of silver, which provided the mint masters with space for artistic expression. Thanks to the Czech Mint, which has continued the tradition and produced coins for the Czech state since 1993, anyone can be the owner - investor - of rare coins. In addition to the head office and branches in the Czech Republic, they also opened a new branch in neighboring Slovakia - in capital city Bratislava.


Bank and jewelry store in one

The new showroom is located in the business center in the downtown. The location on the ground floor allows direct access from the street. The interior is designed on two floors. Operationally, it is a combination of a jewelry store and a bank. The individual investment products of the mint, advisory counters and a closed office of the branch manager are located here. Thanks to the glass partitions, small office has an overview of what is happening in the room and enough privacy thanks to acoustic properties. If you step up the spiral staircase, you will find yourself in a private section, where there is space for personal meetings and consultations. It is complemented by a management office with its own zone for clients and visitors.


Interior design

In color perspective, the entire space is spoken in shades of gray and black. Contrasting elements thus become built-in wooden furniture and advisory counters made in a black frame. This is then repeated on the glass partitions, which supply the entire space across the floors with enough light. On the first floor of the showroom, the acoustic ceiling is designed with linear elements, which are complemented by equally oriented lights. The simplicity of the materials makes the products themselves stand out, as well as the solitary chandeliers, which reflect the materials and the creation of the mint itself. The unique lighting thus complements the lights in the ceiling and creates an individual space.

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