Die Wasnerin

Hotel - Die Wasnerin

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DIE WASNERIN is a time-out retreat.

The guests appreciate the tranquility and the gerenous space in the time-out retreat. The demand for new relexation rooms with panoramic views was high – and the space on the roof was just perfect for this.

From here, you can see the unique 360° mountain panorama to the mountain Loser and the Dachstein-Glacier. The building owner wanted to offer their guests even more space to relax and unwind in mid of nature. Through the new panoramic windows you get an unrestricted view to the mountains; the natural construction and the use of natural material, as well as the highlight – the living wall – make it possible to feel the nature indoor as well as outdoor. The existing tea house has been completely rebuilt and expanded. Panoramic windows were used and new spaces were created. The new tea lounge with a bar provides cozy hours between the nature – a new relexation room with the “living wall” and an open fireplace. This rooms have panoramic rooftop terraces to bring nature into the building. 

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Residence / 363

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Noe Valley, San Francisco, California, USA - Construção concluída em 2020
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