Folha de especificações do produto

ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Ceiling and wall applicationNewmat
Floor coatingsCASTEL
Furniture and carpetsHaworth
Toy LibraryX box

Folha de especificações do produto
por Bencore
Ceiling and wall application
por Newmat
Floor coatings
Furniture and carpets
por Haworth
por Samsung
Toy Library
por X box

Elite Lounge Mastercard

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop como Arquitetos

We were entrusted the design of this project located within the premises of the International Airport of Mexico City. The space composition in the waiting room is based on the natural flow of the operation and the circles which identifies MasterCard, we took linear references of these elements that were replicated in volumetric bodies, finishes, ceiling, furniture, and even the organic tracing of its architectural plant; We propose the dynamics of "waiting" as a different experience in which there are clearly identified areas, their uses and character that defines them; It is not the typical waiting, the result of this is the analysis and study of the spaces and the way in which the people await as they board a plane, the position they take as they do, the activities that can be performed, the psychological association with colors and the light at that time of day as well as an extensive search for furniture to integrate into the experience a host of sensations that define the stay. The main initiative was to create a place for the current, avant-garde traveler who appreciates the design as part of their daily lives in which we included a space for children.

Access has a very important role because it becomes a visual filter, we generated a lattice of horizontal lines, placed in such a way that the view escapesfrom the interior, where we topped it off with hanging chairs, a small space in which lighting complements the more subtle atmosphere and creates great expectations to the passage of people; There are different divisions which are hierarchically marked using architectural elements, materials, lighting or colors. There are two main areas in which, depending on the category assigned by the card, you have access to World Elite or Platinum in which there is a Business Center, massage room, playroom, reading and a large lounge in which several screens were arranged, bar, "self-service"kitchen as well as complementary services to operate the place. As for materials, we integrated woods, textiles and furniture in a color gamut that we contrasted with those elements that accentuated the characteristic colors of the brand.

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