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Forum, Utrecht Station Area

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The transformation of the Utrecht Station Area is in full swing. Restructuring both infrastructure and urban layout aims for connecting the east and west side of the tracks in an obstacle-free manner. The new Station Passage, and the new Rabo-bridge will literally bridged this physical barrier caused by the railway tracks. In addition the raised ground pedestrian platform at level with the terminal - The Forum South, will organise and guide the passenger flows in a logical way.

Connecting and staying
Development of the Utrecht Station Area focuses around the themes ‘connecting’ and ‘staying’. Within this context the Forum organises and guides the passenger flows from the station to the surrounding destinations, including the adjacent bicycle parking and tram stops. Connections to the existing Beatrixgebouw and Rabobank complex forms an integral part of this system.

The Forum also provides the address for over 200,000 sqm of offices, residential, conference, hotel and theater; premises occupied each day by over 8,000 people, and who make use of the surrounding public space. Building plinths are transparent and accommodate public functions, including restaurants and cafes. The resulting urban squares between the buildings are fitted out in a rich and comfortable fashion for optimum pleasure and convenience.

Urban interior
Due to the high building density, the Forum exposes an enclosed character and could be considered being an urban interior. With these qualities the area is becoming a unique public space that matches the scale and ambition for the new Utrecht Central Station.

Bicycle shet The Knoopstalling (3.500 places) is an elongated building over 3 layers that is situated underneath the Forum. The bottom layer of the parking facility is below ground level. The parking will be integrated with a parking garage on the West side and a bus station on the East side. On this side the facade is made entirely of semi-transparent glass. Due to the narrow elongated arrangement and the long glass facade, the parking garage is provided with plenty of daylight and is very clear, which contributes to a feeling of comfort and safety.

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