Hence Headquarters

Hence Headquarters

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Hence Headquarters

Destudio Arquitectura como Arquitetos

The upper floor of the HENCE Flagship Store Madrid project houses the brand's offices, spatially connected to the store by means of a double-height space containing three large trees.

The office floor is organized around this double height with trees, with the aim of interposing minimal partitions between the two facades it occupies and thus maximize natural light in the workspaces.

The result is a box containing the toilets, which is lined with recycled wood as in the ceiling of the lower floor of the store, an administrative open space, a large office for the design department, a management office and a large showroom where to show the new designs.

Between all these spaces there are small meeting areas, which give greater flexibility to inhabit these spaces. All the furniture and coverings used reflect the sustainable mentality that HENCE conveys in its garments, such as the cork armchairs, polypropylene shelves, the folding paper partition wall or acoustic cork coverings.

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