HOUSE 91/4

HOUSE 91/4

Studio Ardete Pvt Ltd
Sector 4, Panchkula, Haryana, India | View Map
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Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

HOUSE 91/4

Studio Ardete Pvt Ltd como Arquitetos

The plan of the house is laid to closely knit all the living spaces and seclude it from the guest areas, considering   the nuclear family.

The main Bedrooms are on the first floor and very spacious. accommodating living spaces inside bedrooms.

To make the volume's grander for the size, The ceilings have been increased strategically to about 13’ clear height. 

To accommodate grande height in the 40feet height , The house is split in 2 parts the left side having 2 floors of 15' each and 2 floors of 10' height Where the right side having 2 floors of 15' and a terrace.

The closet and washroom spaces have been kept in 10' height and lounge and bedrooms are kept in 15' height.

The facade has an inclined  wall cutting the volume of the room above which creating an illusion of the house being broader the size.

A small lawn on the other side. The main door is a huge 12’x5’ wooden slatted door which makes a grand entrance into the house. The door opens into a long foyer space, with leather cladded wall on one side and courtyard on the other side, bringing the focus onto the courtyard.

The formal lounge is positioned such that it over looks as the front lawn on one side  and  courtyard on the other side, It is spacious enough to have a small and large seating spaces.

The living space, kitchen and dining spaces are combined into a large volume shielded with a courtyard from the entrance side. The idea was to create a huge singular living space for the small family. The dining space connects to the  formal lounge as well as to provide secondary access for service.

The kitchen connects into a full service kitchen and semi covered outdoor laundry.

The Mandir is positioned next to courtyard  Wrapped  in fabric around wooden rafters creating  a soft and serene puja spaces of monastic quality.

The first floor predominantly has 2 master bedrooms and a lounge. The client being a hotelier wanted the house more of family space . The  socialization events are done at his Hotels properties.

The main master bedrooms is on  the front which has a huge sleeping area, a foyer spaces, a terrace and a balcony with a huge wardrobe area.

It is almost open on to 3 sides, front side terrace and courtyard on the back. The Bedroom on the rear side room which is done as if would double up as an extension to the space in case of any gatherings

The lounge on the First floor has a courtyard on one side and a glass window which is gently covered with covers which filter in soft light and provide privacy from the neighbor’s.

The terrace is split into two levels due to varying heights and no difference in number of levels. The upper terrace is used for utilities and services leaving a landscaped lower terrace. The terrace provides views shivalik ranges  which has been elevated to view by creating a small elevated gazebo terrace providing privacy from the heat  due to the huge angled wall but providing the necessary mountain views.


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