Integral renovation RIV

Integral renovation RIV

Enric Rojo Arquitectura
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Integral renovation of a house between party walls

Enric Rojo Arquitectura como Arquitetos

The client required a parking space on the ground floor and the installation of an elevator that connected all the floors of the house. The defined strategy is to place the stairs along the dividing wall, freeing the floor and turning it into a single open and bright space.

The bioclimatic strategy of this house is to achieve good cross ventilation in the living plants, as well as to guarantee good adaptive sun protection with the installation of adjustable slat blinds. It is committed to an air conditioning system with maximum energy efficiency, as well as solar and photovoltaic panels for the production of hot water and electricity.

A bookcase stair makes the connection between plants much more than just a vertical connection. The design of the house is expressed in both aesthetic and functional elements. The open, wood-finished staircase enhances the transparency and warmth of the environment. On the upper floor, the staircase is widened to also house the library of the house, a unique element of the project.

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