IOC Doreste Dental Clinic

IOC Doreste Dental Clinic

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain | View Map
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José Hevia
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Emergency LightingDaisaluxLens
Furniture SancalChat
Lighting VibiaSkan
Cladding - virtuon whiteTrespa
Cladding - proligna mapleProdema
Cladding - p-600sarlex

Folha de especificações do produto
Emergency Lighting
Chat por Sancal
Skan por Vibia
Cladding - virtuon white
por Trespa
Cladding - proligna maple
por Prodema
Cladding - p-600s
por arlex

IOC Doreste Dental Clinic

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The dental clinic IOC is found on a major boulevard in one of the most prominent buildings of the city. The place has a large area of exposure to the street in relation to its size and is situated a few steps above the pedestrian level, which determines the distinguished character it has in this environment.


The project follows another intervention for IOC; therefore, it develops the "corporative space" basis stablished previously.


Resolved with a broken and polygonal geometry in contrast with the orthogonal geometry used in technical working areas, there is an unexpected dynamism that may happily distract the patient from the purpose of his visit to the clinic. 


A free standing centerpiece serves to locate technical support spaces surrounding cabinets while anchoring the position of the reception area and waiting room, both directly related to the life of the city.


Clean surfaces, solid floors, large panels to reduce the number of joints, simple colors according to the different areas and indirect lighting systems are the resources applied in the project; all with the intention of creating a friendly space with the highest standards of hygiene and precision appropriate to a dental clinic.

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