Modern Cave

Modern Cave

Pitsou Kedem Architects
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel | View Map
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Amit Geron

Old Jaffa house 3 - Modern cave

Pitsou Kedem Architects como Arquitetos

The rooms making up this Old Jaffa apartment came together over hundreds of years – each with its own character and ground level. Refurbishing presented an opportunity to unite the rooms into one whole and in particular, to illuminate and brighten the dim space by opening it up toward the sea.

Decorations added over the years to the ceiling arches were promptly removed and the arches covered in white plaster. In contrast – the impressive dome in the kitchen, which had been covered in layers of plaster, was uncovered. The floor level was unified – by addition or subtraction – depending on the room, and a new raw concrete floor was cast, with accentuated filing stones.

The newly integrated spaces are not closed with doors, but left open – allowing views to the sea from each one of them. Hence, in the absence of a hallway they serve both their designed function and for passing through. The openings connecting them are emphasized with black tin sheet covering that is also used to hide the new technical systems in the walls; whereas in the bathroom, it is used on the raised toilet and shower platform, set facing the sea.


Design: Irene Goldberg, Pitsou Kedem.

In charge architect: Raz Melamed.

Styling for photography: Eti Buskila

Photography: Amit Geron

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