Paper Clinic

Paper Clinic

WeNew Innovation
São Paulo, Brazil
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Paper Clinic

WeNew Innovation como Designers

Paper Clinic by WeNew Innovation.

The entire project was built under 150m2 of re-used cardboard structures and paper packaging. After the exhibition, the space was 100% recycled. This is a conceptual aesthetic clinic that contains 7 rooms for body and facial aesthetic services, plus a reception lounge and a corridor. The Paper Clinic is a space designed exclusively for the Beauty Fair 2014, aiming to strengthen the aesthetics products/services sector through a model space that housed trendy product launches in the of body and facial aesthetics market. There were a huge popularization of aesthetic services in the last years. The advanced of those treatments are no longer an elitist service reserved to a particular status and purchasing power and they are now within reach of many people. This market growth in recent years is due to the accessibility, change of behavior of people in appreciation of the aesthetic image and advancement in equipment technology, "providing more in less time and cost.” Brazil is the third largest beauty market in the world, trailing only the United States and Japan. São Paulo state is what leads the ranking with number of registered establishments beauty (as hairdressing salons, clinics and aesthetic facial and body) treatment and is the Brazilian state that develops over the market, representing 52.8% of the whole Brazilian market.

Design/Execution: WeNew Innovation, São Paulo (Brazil) Project Head Designers/Architects: Michelle Souza and Vivian Grieco Photos: Flavia Faustino Model: Lavinia Stein (JOY) Styling: Juliana Bordin Make Up: Laura La Laina Photo Assistent: Fernando Bentes

The Paper Clinic was showed at Beauty Fair 2014, São Paulo (Brazil).

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