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Hampstead, United Kingdom
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The property, a Georgian Grade II listed building, is one of three houses forming a small terrace in Hampstead. The brief given was for restoration and remodelling of the whole house, rebuilding of the rear extension , including the addition of a new basement and a summer-house.

The challenge was to create a contemporary basement and extension to fit into the context of a listed building, and to provide ample light to the basement. The solution was to form a basement that projects beyond the extension above, allowing for a structural glass skylight into the lower floor. Additionally, a sunken courtyard and stairway were formed to the side of the basement and extension, thus creating a dramatic connection between the basement and the garden. A series of glazed folding doors draws light from the courtyard into the basement.

To complement the existing traditional red brick, the extension and basement walls were formed of glazed panels with a copper mesh interlayer to give a similar hue to that of the brick.

At the rear of the garden, a summer-house sits in sunken suntrap to the end of the garden. A copper roof and sliding timber shutters complete the garden view.

The concept of using colour to create connections extends further into the garden, where a newly-planted copper beech hedge will provide additional visual and textural layers

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