Postnord’s new terminal building

Easy to find your way around Postnord’s new terminal building with unique Rockpanel facades

Rockpanel como Fabricantes

Postnord's newest terminal is located in Helsingborg, Sweden. The 18,000-square-metre terminal was built to meet the needs of the growing e-commerce sector and will combine all mail and package handling services under one roof. To reflect Postnord's Scandinavian corporate culture and to improve orientation and visual impact, the Swedish architectural firm JKAB Arkitekter chose to adorn the entrance with durable Rockpanel Woods facade cladding. 


To celebrate Postnord's Scandinavian culture, create an inviting look and feel for visitors and staff alike, and to make it easier to find the entrance to the huge building, JKAB Arkitekter decided to clad the entrance facades with three colours of the Rockpanel Woods product range. 


Rockpanel Woods cladding to create Scandinavian look and feel 

“We first looked into the mission of Postnord - what does the company stand for”, Oscar Selemba, lead architect at JKAB, explains. “We came up with the idea to celebrate their Scandinavian culture. Hence, the decision to choose facade panels with a natural wood look to distinguish the entrance and improve orientation. When choosing the colours, we held all options up to the sun to see how the light was reflected and which colours matched best. We are really happy with the end result.”


Henrik Gullberg, site manager at Tecta Bygg & Projektledning, responsible for installation of the cladding, among others, adds: “Our biggest challenge was to divide the facade into different colours and shapes because there were no straight fields to refer to. But it worked out great and the facade panels have a very strong visual expression compared to traditional white boards. The facade really comes to life thanks to the creative talent of the architect.” 


Sustainable benefits Rockpanel facade cladding 

The new terminal was awarded Miljöbyggnad 3.0 Silver, the Swedish certification system for green building. Requirements for certification are strict: only use energy-efficient building materials and limit the impact on the climate. Hence, the choice for Rockpanel Woods, so the natural warmth of wood could be combined with the sustainable benefits of stone.  


Matias Testart, Business Manager Sweden at Rockpanel: “Rockpanel Woods facade boards are made from pressed natural basalt, which is just as easily processed as wood. The boards are durable, robust, as fire resistant as stone and easy to maintain. They really offer the best of two worlds: they look like wood, but won't rot or burn. And as you can see at the Postnord terminal, by using different colours, a vibrant and inviting facade was created that will last a long time.” 


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