Restoration of Casa Vicens
Pol Viladoms • Casa Vicens
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Emergency LightingDaisaluxLens
Seat fabricGrupo LAMADRIDPARIS

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Emergency Lighting
Seat fabric
por FSB
por Erco
por Otis

Restoration of Casa Vicens

Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos como Arquitetos

The restoration has brought to life again the existing architectural elements and replaced the missing ones, which were able to be reproduced through old photos. Antonio Gaudí is a world known architect and in Barcelona,itsstar.

We have approached Casa Vicens with respect and also with a healthy and independent distance. Working like a surgeon, we have replaced missing parts with new additions to a prominent personality. There is a moment in the process when the important is to act with the most accuracy and without fear.

To design a new stairwell to accommodate the current building codes and, at the same time, to replace the phantom of Gaudí’s original one has been a provocative adventure. 


This significant vertical element, accompanied by an elevator, occupies the central heart of the building and relates Gaudí’s original vacation three level 1885 single family house to the volume added in 1925 to accommodate three families in three different floors. The landings lead to the original Vicens rooms and, the new stair volume swells polygonally into the 20th century floors.

The stair emerges on the roof as a new and complementary geometrical addition to the Moorish style of the house.

The Casa Vicens has gone from private lives to public uses now, just becoming a museum house.

Material Used :

1. Otis - Elevator

2. Teulera Can Benito – Ceramic tiles

3. Fusteria Puigdellivol - Wood carpentry

4. Screen Vogue - Pavement café canopy

5. Erco - Lighting

6. FSB - Fittings

7. Grupo LAMADRID – Seat fabric

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