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Sport cluster # SPOTPODMOSTOM Saint-Petersburg

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The cluster for practicing modern, extreme sports in St. Petersburg is an all-weather playground for youth # SPOTPODMOSTOM became the first large-scale extreme park in our country, implemented in the underbridge space of the overpass. When creating an improvement project, the method of participatory design was applied with the involvement of specialized specialists from the city administration and future beneficiaries of the improvement.

The space under the spans of the Kolomyazhsky overpass had a marginal context, therefore it was chosen as a priority location for creating a new type of improvement project. The world practice of urban planning has a successful experience of changing the functional purpose of territories in order to revitalize spaces. A successful scenario for the use of territories under bridges is the arrangement of locations for noisy activities.

# SPOTPODMOSTOM is designed for training modern, individual sports such as skateboarding, BMX freestyle and BMX race, extreme scooter and roller skating disciplines. The improvement project is designed for physically active citizens and guests of St. Petersburg from 2 to 70 years old. At the moment, there are about 50,000 active athletes in various disciplines of extreme sports in St. Petersburg.

Sports cluster SPOTPODMOSTOM in St. Petersburg: technical features
The architectural solution of the cluster is made in the form of four sites, distributed according to the principle of the level of training of athletes. There are places for rest and pastime for visitors. Pedestrian crossings at the entrance groups have been arranged, thereby strengthening the local connectivity and walking accessibility of the adjacent territories. The principal feature of the skate park under the Kolomyazhsky overpass is the durable, wear-resistant design of platforms in the form of complex curved figures made of hydro-technical concrete and the installation of modern and stylish outdoor furniture and places for rest and parking for bicycles

The goal of the improvement project was to create a popular, functional public space and revitalize the alienated urban area. In recent years, affordable means of micromobility of the population and "last mile" transport have become widespread. More and more citizens prefer to move around the city on bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates.


The creation of specialized sites for the physical development and self-realization of young people is a priority task of developing a comfortable urban environment.

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