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Freixenet S.A.


INDA STUDIO – INTERIOR DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE como Arquitetos de interiores

INDAStudio designed the first showroom for the famous Spanish sparkling wine Company in Barcelona baptized with the name Tannic by Freixenet.

The concept of the project was inspired by fusing a traditional wine cellar atmosphere with a modern urban space. Noble materials such as natural wood, black iron, white marble and glass were used to design the furniture and wall coverings.

The space has two floors each with different functionalities: the showroom and the tasting room. The showroom is located on the ground floor. The walls and the ceiling are partially covered with natural oak — a typical wood used for making wine barrels. The phrase ‘The Ferrer family wines’ is engraved in the wood in fifteen different languages to reflect the presence of the company and its products around the world. An angular marble bar also serves as a counter space, cash register and tasting area. Spherical crystal lamps that allude to the form of a grape, hang up above the bar. Their colors evoke the two leading products of the company: the gold lamps speak of the sparkling wine or “cava” and the burgundy lamps invoke the image of red wine.

The products are displayed in elegant black iron shelves, one of which acts to visually connect the ground floor with the second floor. Pieces of wood and boxes were added to the composition giving warmth to the shelving unit and incorporating the element of traditional wine boxes. Black iron was also used in selected areas as a wall covering and to design other decorative and functional elements like counterweights and signage.

A private tasting room, a small office and the lavatories are on the second floor. Part of the showroom can be viewed from the tasting room trough the iron shelving unit that connects the two levels. A wide horizontal mirror dominates one wall which makes the room feel more spacious. A long oak table stands in the center of the room and is used as the principal furniture for the tastings.

Special guests and VIPs can enjoy the quality products of Freixenet sitting in comfortable sofas and armchairs that complete the decoration and functionality of the space.

TANNIC was recently honored with an award – the Bronze LAUS FAD — in the design of businesses category.

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