Taxco 25 It is the recovery, restoration and rehabilitation of a 1940 house in Mexico City, adapting it to its context and dialoguing with neighborhood life

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Taxco 25 is a recovery, rehabilitation and resignification project that, due to its historical value, was protected by the INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts), respecting the old house and allowing the generation of green roofs and terraces that allow light to enter every corner. of the complex.

photo_credit JUAN HERNANDEZ

It is a contemporary housing proposal that dialogues with neighborhood life and its different expressions of traditional architecture. Its design refers to the clarity of lines and volumes that the functionalist-style cataloged house from 1940 possesses on which the project rests, promoting its updating and redefinition in Mexico City.
Located in the Roma Sur neighborhood of Mexico City, the intervention consisted of vegetating and pedestrianizing the corridor that connects the street with the interior of the property, as well as building 4 new houses, terraces and garden roofs that open the view of those who visit them to live together and appreciate the urban landscape from an intimate space, in addition to preserving the listed house.

photo_credit ONNIS LUQUE

With a total of 500 m2 of constructed area, Taxco 25 houses three (3) types of housing, spacious, generous and with flexible spaces: the cataloged house (80 m2), three studios (80 m2) and an apartment of two levels. veles (160 m2).
The materials selected for specific uses, the generous and naturally illuminated spaces, generate an experience where care for each of the details counts: from the furniture to the bicycle parking, the plant selection, the transition in the path from the metal railing and the orderly arrangement of the exposed pipes, to the exhaustive design of the structural elements that make up the interior wooden staircase.

photo_credit ONNIS LUQUE

Whether through the friendly relationship with the sidewalk, the extensive use of specific vegetation, the conviction to protect the historical architectural past of the area or implementing energy efficiency and water use systems, the Taxco 25 project interacts with its surroundings and recognizes the urgency of developing proposals for urban regeneration in a conscious and critical way.

photo_credit ONNIS LUQUE


Landscape: Luis Guisar

Photo credit is to Onnis Luque, Jaime Navarro, Mariana Cárdenas and Juan Hernández


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