TNO BI&M laboratoriumcluster

TNO BI&M laboratoriumcluster

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TNO BI&M laboratoriumcluster

GROUP A como Arquitetos

For the new TNO Lab for Building Innovation, GROUP A has brought the test halls and laboratories together within one building, with the premise that openness is the driving force behind joint innovation. This inspiring and open working environment is the result of a collaboration between end user TNO, developer Stone22, GROUP A and investor a.s.r. real estate.


Research for durability
The research that is being carried out in the laboratory cluster on the renewed TU Campus is focusing on increases longevity and innovation in the field of materials, energy and constructions. Research takes place in a test hall and lab areas, each housed in a separate part of the building. The semi-transparent facade of the large test halls on the east side allows a view of the test activities inside. The supporting laboratories and work spaces are located on the west side on the ground floor. Above, on the first floor, are the technical installations and reused climate cells, an important part of TNO's research practice. The open-close ratio in the sustainable facade limits the heating of the building and thus reduces the required cooling.

Innovative and lively working environment
The transparent, double-high corridor, which connects the two parts, is not only a traffic space but also the place where the technical innovations are visible for passers-by, visitors and employees. The office and lab spaces on the first floor open onto platforms, 'suspended' in the central corridor. The coffee corner, also 'suspended' in this high space, is the place to meet. Movements from the test hall to the laboratories and viceversa provide liveliness in this open working environment.

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