Villa Allegria, an ample harmonious space

Villa Allegria, an ample harmonious space

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Villa Allegria, an ample harmonious space

Serip como Lighting

Where functionality and beauty intersect, there are homes made to be lived-in, accommodating, with a touch of style. This villa is all of these things and more while providing ample, harmonious space across three floors.

Impeccable details are what makes this villa from luxurious to exhilarating. Full-length glass sliding doors allow an uninterrupted view of the landscape.
The unique wooden doors adorn the entrance with decorative handles that represents a long-stemmed woody vine - Liana - from the new home complements launched by Serip, that adds a symmetric touch to this door.
Inside, French-inspired opulence sets the mood for the main living and dining areas. Gold hues, frames and ornaments are offset by cool whites and greys, as well as occasional bursts of colour. The cool colonial revival grey draws the eye away from the walls, to focus on the central furnishings in a move that is both comfortable and unintrusive.
With a variety of materials meeting here and function beautifully together, the choice of several chandeliers from Folio Collection adds a posh statement to exquisite design.

Projecto by © ​Hany Saad Innovations - HSI

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