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Peter Haimerl como Arquitetos

Heightening of the multi-story car park „Salvatorplatz 3“ Task The appraisal of the facade of summer 2004 intended the development of a façade concept for the planned heightening of the multi-story car park at “Salvatorplatz” in Munich.

In the context of the reconstruction of an office and garage building the multi-storey car park has been increased by 2 ½ floors. In the view of the historical surrounding and the inventory building , which stands under single monument and under monument protection and lies in embraced of an ensemble range, the organization of the new façade has been of great importance. The multi-storey car park is situated in the midst of the old town of Munich. Leavings of the former medieval city wall and parts of the “Jungfernturm” of 1430 directly border the multi-storey car park. The existing multi-storey car park of Franz Hart (1964/65) is oriented on the materiality of the former city wall. The exposed lying brick wall has been absorbed and resumed.

Solution The new steel façade structure of Peter Haimerl made of galvanized steel has been developed through computer generated expirations, which generate new order samples. A netlike network has been invented on the basis of staffs with the width of the thin formatted brick used at the inventory building and a constant staff length of 1,5 m.

The façade surrounds the heightening like a volume and creates a transparent covering for the new parking decks. The density of the structure decreases from down upward. As a result of the transparency of the structure and the gene constantness of the material the existing solidium remains untouched.

Innovation The production of the façade of galvanized steel plates through computer-controlled plasma cut equipment corresponds to the idea of direct use of computer generated data. This means a direct transition of the draft data to machine production without the use of hand drawings of the designing architect.

Construction The inventory buildings are of reinforced concrete skeletons, disguised with clinker brick-work The heightening of the multi-story car park is a structural steel work with reinforced concrete composite floors. The steel plates of the façade with the height of 8,50m and the width of 2,50m are fastened at the structural steelwork of the parking deck.

Text:Studio für Architektur