Yácatas 475
Yoshihiro Koitani, KUU Studio
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Folha de especificações do produto
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EDAA´s most recent Project is YÁCATAS 475, a building that creates a design experience throughout the entire development process (design, management, construction, sales) narrowing the bridge between Architecture and Real State.

The project seeks to solve the complexity of integrating a contemporary architectural proposal into an irregular cityscape while facing Real State pressures: high land value, densification, construction regulations, construction costs, market demands and timing.

A black-reflective square-shaped façade is the response to the context. It captures the neighborhood reflections and the surrounding lights, while building a special character. It impregnates itself with the surroundings while achieving a stylish and subtle black abstraction. It deals with the local architecture’s history as reinterpreting the modernist tiles facade. It uses this long lasting material not only for tradition and low-maintenance qualities, but also for achieving an absolute flash of the material´s aesthetics properties: color and light saturation.

The architecture is about comfort living at affordable price. Luxury is achieved through continuous space, natural light, ventilation, flexibility and carefully chosen materials. The 9 apartments are continuously open to the outside on the front and rear ends. Natural light and ventilation are constant. The Rooftop terrace, open corridors and generous terraces become a way of life. The geometry is simple, thus efficient and cost affording.

The advertising campaign was based on dramatic snapshots, generating expectation while reflecting the cutting-edge design of the proposal.

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