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Ano do Projeto
Chris Eden
Folha de especificações do produto

ElementoMarcaProduct Name
Green Tile – CMC IlluminateCreative Materials Corporation
Acoustic PanelsBAUX
Thin brick VeneerBrick It
Lights – Wall sconce in phone roomsRich Brilliant Willing
Brush tile – The Blue Soho Coat WallRobin Reigi

Folha de especificações do produto
Green Tile – CMC Illuminate
Acoustic Panels
por BAUX
por Moooi
Thin brick Veneer
por Brick It
Lights – Wall sconce in phone rooms
Brush tile – The Blue Soho Coat Wall


Design Republic como Arquitetos

Design Republic was tasked with facilitating Yelp’s quickly growing NYC presence with an expansion onto an additional partial floor. The concept of celebrating local neighborhoods that was developed for the 160,000 foot original project was continued with a fresh new perspective. The team created distinct details for the two Yelp employee voted upon neighborhoods: Soho and Hell’s Kitchen. The common space; the café and lounge was inspired by Grand Central.

As the Design Republic team was privy to Yelp’s budget and schedule constraints from their past relationship they knew they had to nail down concepts for neighborhoods swiftly. The decision to place Grand Central directly off the entry enabled the space to be a natural crossroad for those on this floor and colleagues coming from the lower stack.  Curved archways with custom wall paper mimicking the iconic celestial mural found in Grand Central flanks the lounge space. Antique glass, large twinkling decorative lights, and a subdued palette harken to the inspirational atmosphere while still presenting itself as undoubtedly Yelp. To further this notion Design Republic designed a custom ceiling mounted clock with the Yelp burst as hands to welcome employees and guests.

Material Used :

1. HD Walls – Custom Wall paper on the arched ceilings
2. Area Environments Wall covering in phone rooms and meeting rooms
3. Mooi Chandelier
4. Robin Reigi Brush tile – The Blue Soho Coat Wall
5. Brick It – Thin brick Veneer
6. Baux Acoustic Panels
7. Green Tile By Creative Materials – CMC Illuminate
8. Rich Brilliant Willing lights – Wall sconce in phone rooms

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