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Produto • By BASSANO PARQUETVersailles


The Geometries Versailles: versailles american walnut, pattern standard dimension 50x50 cm / 100x100 cm. Mais

Produto • By BASSANO PARQUETVersailles pattern American Walnut

Versailles pattern American Walnut

The Geometries Versailles pattern American Walnut Mais

Produto • By BASSANO PARQUETContemporary American Walnut pattern

Contemporary American Walnut pattern

The Geometries Contemporary American Walnut pattern Mais

Projeto • By CCM2 ArchitectesCasas Particulares

Résidence r3R

Calm, serenity, purity of the elements inspired the concept of r3R residence, a project realized in an existing building. The proximity of the water and of the shingle beach is the central theme behind the inspiration of the textures, related to sea drift. Pure, sober and rich materials such as steamed beech on the walls, which takes the color of sea drift, American walnut in the kitchen and treated “Hot Roll” metal, contribute to spaces’ sobriety and minimalism. Lines are refined, textures are marked, elements are carefully chosen to preserve the peaceful and contemplative feeling of the place. In this spirit, the architect chose a simple design and radiant heating, which allows to take off any unnecessary element and mak... Mais

Projeto • By WOOD-SKINEscritórios

VIRGIN ACTIVE – Milan, Italy

WOOD-SKIN’s Mesh Sheets system lends a touch of  both elegance and dynamism to the walls of the reception and lounge areas of the Virgin Active headquarters in Corso Vercelli, a stone’s throw from the center of Milan. The broken lines of the Digital A pattern create a delicate sculptural effect. The dialogue between the variable patterns, geometries and shapes combined with the Alpi Wood  finish of the American walnut veneer results in a surface that not only distinguishes the entire space but harmonizes seamlessly with it. WOOD-SKIN is a semi-rigid membrane that makes complex forms and movements possible. A composite of wood and fabric only a few millimeters thick, the modularization of the surface into flexible &ls... Mais



The Portuguese Roots Table is inspired by the original esplanade metal table design from the 50`s. The tripod applied to a square top was introduced with the purpose of overcoming the slope problems of the traditional Portuguese sidewalk. As a result, by creating a tripod, the table remained stable without prejudice to the size of the tabletop that could be square, instead of the traditional round.It comes in American Walnut and Ash. Mais

Projeto • By Studio JZCasas Particulares

House in Wandsworth – In Praise of Shadows

The design approach to this residential conversion and refurbishment of a 1970s terrace house was developed in response to a single critical issue: light.   The house has ample rooms spread across three floors, and has a rear garden that opens onto a communal green space. However, a street facing garage on the ground level took up almost all of the south facing frontage. A legal covenant over the property also forbids any alteration to the roller shuttered appearance of the southern facade. As such, the main living/dining space at the ground floor of the house was a series of small and dimly lit rooms with poor visual connection to the charming garden and communal green beyond. The challenge was clear, how do you bring light and deli... Mais

Projeto • By MCK ArchitectsCasas Particulares

Pigeon Shed

Premissa Resumo Um armazém dilapidado no centro da cidade cheio de pombos, transformado em uma casa para uma jovem família. O princípio subjacente era dar uma nova vida ao edifício, mantendo e reconstruindo muito do existente, enquanto sobrepunha um novo programa sem perder o carácter e a experiência espacial que um grande armazém oferece.   Descrição O planejamento é estratificado com sala de estar formal, áreas de entretenimento e espaço de trabalho / estúdio no nível do solo, vida informal acima com cozinha, sala de jantar e sala de estar, e espaços de dormir no nível superior contidos em uma caixa no topo da estrutura... Mais

Projeto • By KanDesign – architecture&interior designApartamentos

Apartment in Ganey Tikva

Apartment in a new building in a new area of the city Ganey Tikvah in Israel, for a couple with small kids and an occupation that requires an office at home.   The apartment is in 4 floors with an area of 145 square meter and 24 square meter balcony, watching to a village area. It was planned by the constructor as 6 rooms and 2 half room for walk-in wardrobe and laundering.   when the clients came to our studio with his wishes, we decided to plan the all apartment with less rooms so every function can be wider and more open and Convenient for the users. We remove the wall in the laundry area so we can make the kitchen bigger than it was.   The plan was to make a one long line kitchen that include all the kitchen needs.... Mais

Projeto • By Fabio FantolinoApartamentos

Casa Mille

A Casa Mille se desenvolve na extensão dos anos 1930 de um palácio histórico do século 19 pertencente à família dos condes Callori, no que costumava ser a oficina de artesanato do conde e os antigos estábulos no jardim ao ar livre. Apenas a cozinha é o único cômodo criado dentro da manga do edifício do século XIX.   A história da propriedade proporcionou uma das mais floreadas vertentes de conteúdos e ambientes de design a todo o design: a sala de estar foi criada na oficina de artesãos do Conde, influenciando a escolha de um piso industrial em concreto de helicóptero. O palco reflete a alma histórica da casa e invade... Mais

Projeto • By TCHOBAN VOSS ArchitektenEdifícios individuais

Boxhagener Straße

This new vivid mixed-use urban quarter has been established on a former commercial area in BerlinFriedrichshain. The ensemble has been developed by four architectural offices on 26.000 square metres. TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten designed two blocks on the Boxhagener Straße. The buildings are part of an ensemble of six volumes surrounding a generous public garden.   Offering residential, retail or medical practice spaces the architectural complex fits into the urban and lively character of the surrounding. As a large-size volume with a dynamic concrete façade the office building on the Boxhagener Straße has a symbolic character and attracts attention of the passersby. Made of bright architectural concrete the prefabrica... Mais

Projeto • By Feel your designApartamentos


Stylish, cozy and comfortable apartment. During the implementation there were many new ideas, a project with great creative interest and inspiration was drawn. Many of my favorite elements were used here - the turquoise tile in the guest bathroom with a cracked surface, the texture of marble and exotic veneer rosewood, leather elements, nubuck, panels with panels painted and veneered panels, heavy curtains of coarse fabric, gradient stretch marks. The walls are decorated with a soft, soft texture, with a slight relief, with almost all the floor covered with parquet board made of North American walnut oil. Bathroom tiles in the bathrooms - Italy and Spain. Plumbing fixtures - Italy, Spain, Germany. Furniture of production of Ukraine, Italy.... Mais

Projeto • By FORMEscritórios

Office M

A light filled space overlooking the centre of Moscow was designed to accommodate a small finance company. The project called for closed compact offices as opposed to an open plan layout. The entire glazed perimeter was given over to individual rooms, while the central area became an informal meeting space. Light glass partitions provide visual continuity and compositional rhythm, allowing the space to be perceived as a whole. The central lounge area is delineated with sculptural accents, such as a chrome-plated screen,marble and walnut planters with succulents. Surface colour and texture enriches the rational layout. Warm terracotta shag pile carpeting is paired with Carrara and Grigio Carnico marbles, polished aluminum and American wal... Mais

Projeto • By Sanjay Puri ArchitectsEscritórios

Office @ 63

Uma série de volumes arquitetônicos cria um escritório para uma empresa de móveis, em sua fábrica.   Os volumes emprestam a cada parte funcional do escritório sua própria identidade. Um grande espaço de recepção é pontuado por uma área de estar alta de 36'  na forma de vagens elípticas flutuando em uma piscina refletora rasa em uma extremidade, e em um pátio paisagístico na outra extremidade.   Em um dos lados, um espaço multifuncional de 36' de altura com plataformas modulares móveis é projetado para ser usado como espaço de exibição de móveis, sala de seminários... Mais

Projeto • By Wheeler Kearns ArchitectsCasas Particulares

Ravine House

Program A new single-family residence for two empty-nesters intent on living in ways that connect them to nature and their land. Tom Rossiter Brief The couple—cyclists, nature enthusiasts, artists—sought to create a modestly scaled single-floor house that supports their active lifestyle and personal interests while quietly engaging with the ravined site. Tom Rossiter Solution The project is a synthesis of the couple’s past and future, interests, and passions. The house is conceptualized as a single, dark, rectangular volume. One corner, the garage, is broken off to create an entry courtyard. The house and garage are intentionally pulled apart to infuse a bit of the wild into daily routines. While the exter... Mais