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Projeto • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiCasas Particulares


An urban residence with an austere appearance, it dialogues with its densely built-up surroundings in a rough and selective way. Situated on a corner lot, it is on two levels organised around a central patio facing south, which brings natural light into all the main relational spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It could be described as a house with two souls. Villa MM only shows its true kaleidoscopic essence once the visitor has crossed the solid sandblasted concrete curtain wall that forms its base. This opens up externally at the large telescope along the north front, giving a glimpse of the interior spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It is surmounted by a monolithic volume of walnut travertine surgically sectioned with flar... Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMCasas Particulares


Modern living room with worm accents. You have a lot of space for creativity. Contemporary kitchen with pocket doors. In the master bedroom  you'l get a luxury and cozy atmosphere. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHabitação

Workers’ Home Malpère

The project in Toulouse is divided into two units: The Adoma dormitory for young workers at the street and behind it a complex with twelve terraced houses for families.The Adoma complex consists of two blocks around a central core with communal areas and access zones. The second block is slightly recessed, creating a protected entrance area. The upper floor rests on slender columns. Thus the ground floor remains free and creates a connection to the surrounding green as well as roofed parking spaces for the residents.The individual mini-apartments are constructed as timber modules around a massive access core. The wood remains visible on the ceilings of the apartments and creates a warm, cosy atmosphere in the rooms. Mais

Projeto • By Marjan Hessamfar & Joe Vérons architectes associésBerçários

School complex with sports facility

The project, located in the Parc de Montjoie in the centre of the town of Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, comprises 5 nursery classes, 8 elementary classes, an after‑school facility, a catering unit and a sports facility designed for pupils and associations.We were eager to design a building that combines architecture and landscape, providing a sense of visual continuity between the landscaped park and the building. Seen from the entrance to the Park, the massing highlights the horizontality of the layout. The building features large roof overhangs that form a sheltered walkway and covered areas all around the building. Greenery plays an essential role in the appearance and layout of the building. Jean-François Tremege Jean-Franç... Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMCasas Particulares


The house is located in the vicinity of Chisinau city on the edge of the forest. The size of the site allowed arranging all the rooms of the house in one level.The shape of the building is dictated by the orientation of the rooms relative to the Sun and naturally hides the courtyard with a rectangular pool and a summer house from passers-by. Caption Caption Caption The main building and the summer house are connected by a pergola, under which there is a patio terrace with a summer kitchen and a barbecue area.All the premises of the house are separated on the sides: on the left, there is a public area, including a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and on the right there is a private area, including 3 bedrooms and a host b... Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMRestaurantes


A small house of dumplings ‘Pelmoon’ is located in the center of Chisinau city, next to the State University of Moldova on Banulescu Bodoni Street.The location has only one room. ‘Pelmoon’ is a takeaway fast food restaurant with an assortment of dumplings and quick delivery in disposable dishes.The dumplings, which can be classic, with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and parmesan. All dumplings are multi-colored, stained with natural dye: beetroot juice, spinach, and turmeric or cuttlefish ink. Chicken soup or miso can be added to dumplings.Victor Mitin is the chef, recipe inventor and restaurateur. Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura The interior is made in the Loft concept using elements of metal, wood and preserved con... Mais

Projeto • By FELT architecture& designCasas de Repouso

Villa Kameleon

This care home in the small municipality of Zoersel was designed on the initiative of a private client. They set up a partnership with non-profit organisation Emmaus to develop a residential project for the family’s granddaughter and eight other residents with a mental disability. Stijn Bollaert The beautiful building site is located near the Monnikenheide domain, on the transition of a forest and a residential area. The green character of the site was preserved as much as possible and the new house was designed as a rational and hypercompact volume with a recognizable hexagonal ground plan. Stijn Bollaert The building was carefully positioned into the forest with special attention to preserve the proximity of the trees on... Mais

Projeto • By AngoPaisagem residencial

Ango Home Studio

O prédio do estúdio residencial Ango no distrito de Ari, em Bangkok, foi projetado pelo arquiteto / designer-chefe da Ango, Angus Hutcheson. O local funciona como a sede de Ango, onde brainstorming, processos experimentais e testes acontecem, enquanto também funciona como um espaço residencial para viver. @kitchen magazine O edifício faz uma referência cruzada aos valores Ango de criar projetos de iluminação com pureza e veracidade e abraça o uso de luz natural, espaço aberto e ventilação cruzada natural. O jardim da frente está no centro, com quase todos os espaços se abrindo diretamente ou olhando para ele, e as áreas principais d... Mais

Projeto • By Atelier Bruno MartinsHotéis

Pestana Casino Studios

In order to talk about the last hotel built by the Pestana group, I first have to talk about how this building was built, and how it didn't take more than 8 months to be finished. But how, when we know that a hotel with 3,500m2 and 75 rooms would have to have a construction time of at least twice as much? Caption It is in 2013, when I was looking into construction technologies and their role in architecture, housing and other programs, that my research into modular construction begins.  Caption While the exhaustive repetition of modular systems can make the architecture less significant, it is no less true that we will not be able to solve the housing problem without being more inventive. And without first taking care to be... Mais

Projeto • By Ramses Pech ArchitectHotéis


Ryokan-style façade remodeling project located in Australia, in which it was requested to remodel said building applying the styles and traditions of Japan. It was sought to combine the materials of bamboo, wood and stone to generate an atmosphere that reminds us of the traditional Ryokan of Japan that in the same way the gardens serve as spaces for relaxation and meditation for their guests, adding a better experience to their stay. Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By Ramses Pech ArchitectHotéis

Kanam Balam

Located in Ciudad del Carmen, the comprehensive project of Kanam Balam includes within its program, the construction of ecological cabins, which in its planning will integrate rest and recreation areas that will interconnect all the cabins to encourage the interaction of visitors as a community and at the same time its interaction with the natural environment. The distribution of the cabins will be divided into 3 areas, which will contain 5 modules of two cabins as shown in the illustration. The cabins have been designed in order to offer, in addition to rest, the opportunity to contemplate the vast ecosystem up close, in dense areas of flora and fauna such as the mangrove swamp. Ramses Pech Ramses Pech Ramses Pech The resta... Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMAeroportos


A waiting room, a refreshment room, and a bathroom are placed in a relatively compact space stretched along the stained-glass window of the facade. Soft, comfortable chairs with coffee tables and personal sockets were designed for passengers.  Extra privacy is achieved by high soft screens and various types of passenger placing. In the decoration, the status of the room is emphasized by a calm monochrome color scheme, of the use of polished artificial marble, decorative volume profiles and a specially selected decorative coating for walls, ceiling elements and furniture. Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By MumtazahBerçários

Genius Kurnia

Genius Kurnia (previously known as Permata Kurnia) is Asean’s First Purpose-Built Building by a Government for Children with Autism.  It is a Center of Excellence for Autism and a prototype for future centers too.  Having no specific guidelines from any design handbook or the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), the brief was formed from personal and professional experiences of educational and medical professionals and most importantly experiences of the Director of the centre and the Architect who are mothers of children with Autism.   Caption Mumtazah The design is an understanding between aesthetic and practicality taking serious considerations of the sensory conditions of the children.  It is a translation... Mais

Projeto • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésPiscinas

Païcherou Aquatic Center

Païcherou Aquatic Centre’s site is exceptional for its privileged location on the Aude river and for its relationship with the City of Carcassonne and la Bastide Saint-Louis. Roland Halbe Roland Halbe The architectural approach involved maintaining a continuity with the existing site and respecting its landscape. The Aquatic Centre aims to accentuate the territory unique to the town of Carcassonne, situated between the Black Mountain to the North, the Corbières to the East, the Lauragais plain to the West and the Aude valley to the South. The site is on a meander of the Aude river, below the town and facing the agricultural land that stretches to the foot the City of Carcassonne. It is a setting with significant... Mais

Projeto • By dayala e rafael arquitetosCasas Particulares


Lightness and modernity. With a façade extended to the full width of the plot, the FM House was organized according to an essential set of overlapping volumes that, through the structural plans highlight, sought to light the composition. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The parti was based on he inversion of the traditional flow of middle of the block lots, bringing the leisure to the frontal façade, allowing the direct access to it and emphasizing the social interaction of the family, raising it as a highlight element that integrates the other areas of the house. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The original topography of the land allowed the bui... Mais