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Projeto • By Anna Maria Sokolowska Interior DesignCasas Particulares


The project consisted of the conversion of an existing farm building dating from 1940. The farm building with a living room was located on a plot surrounded by greenery and old fruit trees in Rumia, in the Szmelta district, which is a remnant of a former village.The current form of the building and the finishing of the façade with black tan board is a reference to the old wooden barns, of which there are still several preserved in the area. Respect for the history of the site initiated analysis, collecting photographs and archive maps of the area in order to create a building that would be a link between the tradition and the present day. https://www.fotomohito.eu/ Once you have a clear outline into which you fit new functions... Mais

Projeto • By TURTLE ArchitectsCasas Particulares

Dolmenic House

TECTONIC ARCHITECTURE: Architecture, Starting from the site Just as salmon must return to the place where they were born, humans have a disposition to return to the place where they were born. It is a slow inertia that spans about 90 years of life. The client was born on this very site in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do, and spent his childhood here. The client worked in Seoul, and lived here for the rest of his life, and after his parents passed away, he commissioned us to design a house preparing for life after retirement. Considering that the site has been handed down over eight generations, we focused on site analysis before the design. © Lee Gangseok In the site, there were Korean traditional wooden house where client’s anc... Mais

Projeto • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitectureCasas Particulares

Amular Home: Rooma Aghili & Rooma Aberri

Project Name: AMULAR Home Office Name: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture/ AAND Company Office Website: aaksenstudio.com Social Media Accounts: @aand.company @aaksenstudio Contact email: contact@aaksenstudio.com  Firm Location: Bandung, Indonesia Completion Year: 2022 Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 54/81 sqm & 63/90 sqm Project Location: Bandung, Indonesia Program / Use / Building Function: Residential/ Private Houses Lead Architects: Yanuar Pratama Firdaus Design Team: AAND Company Lead Architects e-mail: yanuarpf@sbm-itb.ac.id Photo Credits: Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Materials : Toto Sanitary, Mulia Ceramics, Platinum Tiles, Taco HPL Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha AMULARhome is... Mais

Projeto • By Studio HazakEscritórios

Kardan Elhar offices

The concept that led us in planning the offices of ‘Kardan’ Real Estate and ‘Elhar’ Engineering stemmed from the interpretation of the relationships between the companies and between the companies and the field of construction in which they are engaged. Gidon Levin ‘Kardan’, an entrepreneurial company is characterized by warm materials and combinations that convey luxury home feel, out of a desire to reflect resilience and accessibility yet a creative vision that is not afraid of structural complexity. Gidon Levin 'Elhar' a construction company, a contractor, creates everything from the roughness of the concrete materials and raw iron to the fineness of the final finishing materials. A company... Mais

Projeto • By Articolo LightingHabitação

Bronte House II

Bronte House II is an extensive renovation undertaken for bold clients with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. The original house was built in the 1980 by the current owners. Having raised their family there, they wanted to rework the spaces to suit their current lifestyle. The brief was a renovation that would ensure the owners would be happy to spend the rest of their lives there. Flexibility, light and flow of space were essential elements, and ensuring the design is adaptive to the needs of a couple but also the accommodation of larger family gatherings. Dave Wheeler The starting point was reconfiguration of the spaces, removing the stair from the centre of the house and introducing a formal entry vestibule from which all... Mais

Projeto • By Vallribera ArquitectesPaisagem residencial


Granera, longe o suficiente para perder o serviço de celular, perto o suficiente para chegar lá e voltar para o almoço. Uma quinta centenária, o local ideal para reunir toda a família no verão, no Natal, ou apenas num domingo normal. Esses encontros são a demanda, e a casa da fazenda é o cenário que precisa ser preparado para eles. José Hevia A casa está localizada de costas para a rua e meio subterrânea. Desce-se para uma esplanada onde existe um poço; daí, contornando a casa, entra-se por baixo da pérgula que percorre toda a fachada sul. Esta área pavimentada e em terraços torna-se um espaço verde sob o grande... Mais

Projeto • By Latoon ArchitectureCasas Particulares

терраса в загородном доме

Terrace with swimming pool and summer kitchen in a country houseThe client of the Yekaterinburg bureau LATOON set the designers a task — to create a comfortable place for outdoor recreation, which could prolong the short Ural summer in autumn and bring it closer to the beginning in spring. A project of a glazed terrace at a country house was created and implemented — with a round font, an oven, an open kitchen and a seating area. Автор фото: Askar Kabjan Автор фото: Askar Kabjan The resulting interior is saturated with comfort and coziness. He is associated with nature, a taste for life, and the spirit of a big company. The terrace turned out to be functional and moderately brutal. Natural materials breathe warmth and... Mais

Projeto • By Localic StudioHabitação

ASH House

ASH House is a private house located in a outskirts of a big city. Initial brief when first discussing with the owner is to get a large opening and good air circulation . Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang Starting with a tropical architectural approach, we design this house with lots of natural light and air openings so that during the day there are no lights and air conditioners needed. Mario Wibowo & Daniel Jiang The entrance area is made to blend in with the landscape so that the material used for the roof is glass. The door used is also not a solid wood door like a house in general but a wooden partition so that air can still flow through the existing gaps. With this door model, air cir... Mais

Projeto • By ss.mm designCasas Particulares

The Float House

This single-family house is located in a seaside suburban area outside Athens. The building is formed by two volumes; a pale-colored body that hosts the main living and kitchen areas is floating above a stone base that plays host to the users' private rooms and connects the house to the rocky earth. ss.mm design ss.mm design The concept is based on the idea of achieving a dynamic balance between internal needs and external conditions of the shelter structure/organism. The free-floating mass distributes counter-gravity pressure over the grounded volume while the home's passive and active environmental systems are able to be calibrated for optimal interior performance and attenuate any sources of stress for the residents. ss.mm... Mais

Projeto • By AresteaCasas Particulares

Villa Tsavkisi

Inspired by nymphaea - ancient Greek and Roman monuments consecrated to the nymphs (especially those of springs) and the isle of Ogygia from Homer's Odyssey, the project seeks to transmit the imagery of classical antiquity through contemporary architectural language. Arestea Ogygia - an island described in Homer's Odyssey, as the home of the nymph Calypso, the daughter of the Titan Atlas, is a place where Odysseus is detained by the nymph for seven years, wanting to marry him, and kept from returning to his home of Ithaca. Arestea The Odyssey depicts Ogygia as an isle from afar over it a fragrance of cleft cedar and juniper wafted, where alder, poplar and sweet-smelling cypress grew, long-winged birds were wont to nest. Fountain... Mais

Projeto • By Modaam ArchitectsEscritórios


Nahid Building has an administrative function and is designed and built on a 180 square meters plot in seven stories. The basement and the ground floor consist of lobby, parking, and the caretaker unit. Upper floors host the administrative zones and the total area of each floor is approximately 100 square meters. Also, there is a conference room on the roof with a total area of 25 square meters. Besides, the roof hosts a small garden as large as 80 square meters. The surroundings are filled with lots of apathetic buildings, marked by streets which split this grey mass and lead their way to another grey mass. By accepting the urban construction regulations, we had to build a building in a pre-determined allowed occupancy level, with a pre-de... Mais

Produto • By M&TYES! pull handle

YES! pull handle

PULL HANDLE YES!  Elegant timeless pull handle available in different lengths from 110 to 910 mm. It is prepared also with integrated WC/bathroom lock system. This pull handle is produced either in a minimalist full version or with a 2-finger grip hole or for whole hand. This pull handle is produced from massive brass, for maximal selection is available in 12 surface finishes and 5 different lengths. Mais

Projeto • By gibertandtanEscritórios


This design for a law firm is located in the residential neighbourhood Damansara Heights, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The project involved the reuse of a partially demolished 40-year-old house that was then expanded 50% of its original size. by pixelawphotography An expanse of brickworks unites the existing and new building sections, and provides for an increased thermal mass through large wall protrusions protecting glazing windows from direct sunlight exposures. While the appearance of the building is monolithic from the street front, large glazed surfaces are located at both sides opening up to a series of pocket gardens that allows for ample natural daylight and cross ventilation to the interiors. by pixelawphotography Ess... Mais

Projeto • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitectureCasas Particulares

Karsa House

Project Name: Karsa House Office Name: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture Office Website: aaksenstudio.com Social Media Accounts: @aaksenstudio Contact email: contact@aaksenstudio.com Firm Location: Bandung, Indonesia Completion Year: 2022 Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 110/187 sqm Project Location: Bandung, Indonesia Program / Use / Building Function: Residential/ Private Houses Lead Architects: Yanuar Pratama Firdaus Design Team: Azzahra Dartaman, Bayu Herdiadi Lead Architects e-mail: yanuarpf@sbm-itb.ac.id Photo Credits: Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Materials : Mulia Glassblock, Bangkirai Decking, Roman Granite, Indorona Veneers, Stopsol Azzahra Dartaman, Aulia Rakha Located in a land site that is L-shaped, the challenge... Mais

Projeto • By Bassetti ArchitectsEscolas secundárias

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (VSAA)

Bassetti designed a renovation and addition of the Vancouver School for Arts and Academics (VSAA). Bassetti worked with Vancouver Public Schools to re-orient the front of the school, while adding many important elements such as a new administrative block, additional science laboratories, re-purposing old spaces into new classrooms, a black-box theatre and commons, and a secure courtyard area. In working with stakeholders to understand the needs of the school, it was clear that the renovation needed to increase parking at the school, while also creating new points of entry and exit for a more efficient site design and increased school community. Benjamin Benschneider The new, two-story addition includes a new student commons and theatr... Mais