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Projeto • By SNARK Inc.Casas Particulares

House in Toyonaka

This house is located in Toyonaka City, Osaka. It is a sloping site with a row of buildings on the north side of the street, and on the south side, there is a view of the Hankyu train and airplanes arriving and departing from Itami Airport. After confirming the view from the second floor of the existing building before demolition, we decided to create the main living space on the second floor and the bedroom, closet, and hobby room on the first floor. The site is lined with adjacent buildings to the east and west, so the house is placed so that the wind and light can pass through to the north and south. Ippei Shinzawa There are two cores (closed spaces such as rooms and private rooms) covered with wood, and they are placed three-dimen... Mais

Projeto • By I-Beam DesignCentros de Distribuição

Stellae International Headquarters

Two new 50,000 sf pre-engineered warehouses were designed to flank an existing 150,000 sf corporate office building that was converted into a luxury fashion logistics headquarters for Stellae International. Carl Daguillard Caption The new warehouses, clad with MBCI metal wall panels and punctured with bands of polycarbonate sheets allow diffused light into the 33' high spaces. The angled and cantilevered front facades provide a canopy above the recessed translucent walls, while framing them with red ribboning panels that further accentuate the entry facades which glow at night creating a dramatic presence on this nearly 13 acre site. Stellae International Inc., is a luxury goods and fashion logistics company based in Melville, N... Mais

Projeto • By KS arquitetosCasas Particulares


O conceito da Casa Mirador surge a partir da ideia de uma habitação que flutua ao nível das copas das árvores do seu entorno. Os dois volumes principais, assim como a passarela que os conecta, voam sobre o lote criando grandes pátios cobertos.  Caption Caption Caption A topografia original do terreno foi preservada ao máximo e a casa pouco toca o solo. Sob a residência acontece um caminho em rampa de concreto bruto que suavemente muda de direção, cercado de muito verde, vai vencendo o desnível de mais de 30m entre o passeio e o final do lote. Esse percurso leva primeiro ao átrio, um grande espaço sob a área social onde se descorti... Mais

Projeto • By BDPHotéis

Wren Urban Nest

The newly opened Wren Urban Nest, based in the heart of Dublin, is a 137-room, nine floor hotel designed and built using the most advanced carbon reduction technologies, making it one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels in a major city centre.     Eliminating the need for fossil fuels, the building uses 100% renewable energy and is the first hotel in Ireland to comply with the World Green Building Council’s definition of ‘Net Zero Operational Carbon’, without having to purchase carbon offsets. Caption With architectural, civil and structural and mechanical and electrical engineering design from interdisciplinary practice, BDP, the team has taken a number of steps to set the agenda and exceed ‘N... Mais

Projeto • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciCasas Particulares


A Casa K é um dos nossos projetos que mais esperou pela sua construção. Começámos a trabalhar neste projeto em 2012, mas a casa só acabou de ser concluída em 2021. Piotr Krajewski No entretanto, o projeto e a sua realização tiveram várias aventuras. O conceito original pressupunha que o edifício faria parte de um complexo maior, que se destinava a ser uma residência familiar multigeracional. Mais tarde, o cliente decidiu mudar a localização da casa para outro local muito mais atraente. Quando começámos a trabalhar nos ajustes necessários para o projeto, o local estava com uma aparência virgem, parcialmente cobert... Mais

Projeto • By Vikelas ArchitectsCentros comerciais

River West Gateway

The project concerns the design of the connection zone between the existing shopping center "RIVER WEST" and the new expansion area "RIVER WEST OPEN". This is an aesthetic and functional upgrade of the existing traffic corridor that now leads to the outdoor area of ​​the expansion of the shopping center. Gavriilux The intervention area is located at the current levels of ground floor and first floor and tends to redesign the corridors, which once led to the supply zone of the shopping center on the ground floor and in the sanitary areas of both floors. Gavriilux The new study attempts to guide the flows of the public to the new extension and vice versa. The design approach uses a contemporary architectural vocabulary, but at the... Mais

Projeto • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingEdifícios individuais

MUA Getaway place

The project represents our getaway place on Tbilisi Sea. Located only 20 minutes away from the city center, it serves as the place for recharging and retreat for our team.  NakaniMamasakhlisi The project area sits next to the Sailing Club (another MUA project) in the Tbilisi Sea area. Tbilisi Reservoir, now referred to as the Tbilisi Sea, has appeared on the map since 1953. During the summertime, Tbilisi Sea is frequently visited by the locals and becomes a hub for fishing and water sports activities. An impressive monument of Zurab Tsereteli graces the area to the north.  NakaniMamasakhlisi The shipping container architecture is a significant part of MUA’s research into modern architecture. Replacement of tradit... Mais
Puasis architecture is advancing office desks and working equipment with strong quality companies and wants the best in its business. We are one of the companies that do these things right in Turkey.

Projeto • By Gokhan ErdoganEscritórios

Fashion Herms Office

Proje: Ofis M2: 160 Kullanım: moda herms ofisi Müteahhit: Puasis Mimarlık.Puasis architecture is advancing office desks and working equipment with strong quality companies and wants the best in its business.We are one of the companies that do these things right in Turkey.The feature of this design was to stay away from certain thoughts, Herms Office contains very large and spacious areas for use. It is a great place in terms of its location and the neighborhood's clearer location, and Istanbul Nişantaşı is at the most prominent point of transportation. Puasis architecture has defined this building with its more eye-catching designs. Mais

Projeto • By DUDES architectsEscritórios

Office Say Games

DUDES architects team presents a new minimalistic office space project for SayGamaes company. The project with a total area of 240 sq.m. is located in a small office building in Minsk on the 4th floor.  The main task was to create a cozy office with a home-like atmosphere.  Rejection of the open space planning and creation of small cozy spaces, which are integrated into the general central zone by means of big stained-glass windows, became the main theme for the office concept development. Caption The common area of the office is joined by a podium work space. The common space with an integrated kitchen conceals a staircase which leads up to the podium and creates a clean composition of simple forms. The common open space is... Mais

Projeto • By NK ArchitectsCasas Particulares

Interior of a private house near Kiev

 The scenario of behavior and habits of the owner - determined the position of absolutely all things in the house. With great gratitude to the Customer and his thoughtful attitude to the process, we implemented this object. Not a large house in the cottage suburbs of Kiev - it was built about 7 years ago, but was not finished, and its basic condition before the "finish" managed to grow very much obsolete. Over the past year, the object has experienced a complete reincarnation. Sergey Polyushko The house has become not just a country dwelling, but first of all a place for inspiration and contemplation. There are no extra things, expensive furniture and branded brands. The greatest advantage of the house the owner considered the... Mais

Projeto • By Ramses Pech ArchitectHotéis


Ryokan-style façade remodeling project located in Australia, in which it was requested to remodel said building applying the styles and traditions of Japan. It was sought to combine the materials of bamboo, wood and stone to generate an atmosphere that reminds us of the traditional Ryokan of Japan that in the same way the gardens serve as spaces for relaxation and meditation for their guests, adding a better experience to their stay. Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By Ramses Pech ArchitectHabitação


The house is for a young couple who are looking to start expanding and becoming a family ,  they seek to expand certain areas of their house that is currently on one level, on the second floor they seek to build the bedrooms for their future children and the main room. The concept of the house seeks to expand the program of the house through open spaces where the space is intelligently used to provide the greatest comfort to the user where they can from taking a break in the afternoon, and having moments of privacy in a exclusive room for them to take a break from the routine. Ramses Pech Ramses Pech Ramses Pech Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMAeroportos


A waiting room, a refreshment room, and a bathroom are placed in a relatively compact space stretched along the stained-glass window of the facade. Soft, comfortable chairs with coffee tables and personal sockets were designed for passengers.  Extra privacy is achieved by high soft screens and various types of passenger placing. In the decoration, the status of the room is emphasized by a calm monochrome color scheme, of the use of polished artificial marble, decorative volume profiles and a specially selected decorative coating for walls, ceiling elements and furniture. Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By Mitchell + Corti ArchitectsApartamentos

Butterfly Maisonette

This project by Mitchell + Corti Architects began with an old terrace house: run down, tired and blue, with mock features, a tight spiral staircase, haphazard layout, low ceilings and jaded decor. We were approached to assist our young client in boosting this property’s spirits from dejected to dynamic by creating an invitingly bright and well-organised home.We set out to marry a traditional exterior with cleverly designed contemporary spaces. Caption Through vaulting and exposing the shape of the traditional butterfly roof, we were able to insert large expanses of glazing and in doing so obtain light penetration that resonates throughout the building. This key design move also allowed to accommodate double the storage capacity... Mais

Projeto • By ARCHFORMRestaurantes


The cafe is located on the second floor of the departure hall of Chisinau International Airport. The café hall is divided into several zones and, additionally, includes an ice-cream parlor and a children's playground.There is a Bar area in the center of the café. It includes four cash counters and a mini-bakery. The zone is designed for quick service of a large number of visitors. The cafe zone is highlighted by an accent luminaire, which can serve as a reference point. It attracts the attention of passengers and is visually readable from any point on the second and first floors. Area: 575 m2 Photographer: Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Caption   Mais