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Projeto • By Siqueira + Azul ArquiteturaCasas Particulares

Indah House

The implementation of this project was determined by the property’s privileged landscape, located on Brazil’s Emerald Coast. Its main entry access is given through vertical circulation in natural stone, set about a historic fig tree. The construction concept entailslanding over a plateau and developing across axis of pathways established by the project’s sectorization.Divided into specific areas, the architectural program delineates open spaces oriented to the amplest view. A pivoting wooden totem with asymbolic graphic schemewarmly welcomes home both owner and guests through the main central axis. André Nazareth Each of the project’s three blocks, consisting of social, private and leisure, have their po... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 17 ago. 2021

Former Sao Paulo residence transformed into spacious YOGA concept

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, YOGA by Superlimao sees the conversion of a 1990s residence into a meditative place for yoga classes, with additional coworking and rental rooms.  Israel Gollino Uses inserted into the existing fabric include a large yoga room for classes, a reception area on the ground floor, a studio and coworking area on the top floor, and a room for rent in an old smaller house located at the back of the site.  Israel Gollino To accommodate these uses, it was necessary to transform the house - which previously had only a few openings - into a large and well-lit space. Larger spans were thus created to allow more sunlight, filtered by jute panels, to enter.  Israel Gollino Completing the transformati... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 9 jun. 2021

Hanging House integrates country retreat with the local ecosystem

Elevated from the natural ground level, Hanging House by Casa Container Marilia is raised from the natural ground level of its site in the Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Surrounded by native trees, windows are at the level of the treetops and balconies blend in with the branches. The earth remains largely untouched, preserving drainage and root dynamics, which were not harmed due to the minimal use of concrete foundations.   Celso Mellani The concept is that of a country house integrated with the local ecosystem, placing sustainability and recyclability at the fore. A construction system of recycled maritime containers was thus adopted. In total 80% of materials used in the build come from recycled sources. Celso Mellani Common... Mais

Projeto • By LEIVA arquiteturaCasas Particulares

Morro da Manteiga House

What was the brief? Customers came to us to fulfill an old dream: to build their own house in the countryside and live in the tranquility of the rural area, after returning from the capital Porto Alegre to the countryside. The pace and quality of life are different: being able to sit on the balcony and listen to the birds singing, being able to breathe the fresh air and sitting in the sun at any time of the day, moving the earth and even picking your own food.   Resources were limited and so it was decided to make the construction by the Minha Casa Minha Vida program - track 01, program developed by the Brazilian government for low-income families, and this directed the project from the beginning: we could not do a project that woul... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 28 jan. 2021

Q04L63 House inspires with use of natural materials

For this family weekend home in Rifaina, Brazil, mf+arquitetos responded to the client’s wish to designate 50% of the house to social spaces such as the kitchen, dining, room, living room and pool, and 50% for private areas. In addition, a rich palette of natural materials was to be used all spaces – social and private, indoors and out.   Felipe Araújo The private areas are located at the front of the house and connected to the remainder of the house via the main hall. A sandy travertine marble from Egypt covers the entire floor and wall areas of the main hall while in the bathroom and on countertops a black state is used. Rustic granite is employed for sidewalls while concrete slabs and Hijau stones make up th... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 27 jan. 2021

Corten clad home designed with green space in mind

The contrast between corten steel cladding and exposed concrete highlights the sleek volumes of this Brazilian home by ES Arquitetura. Taking an ‘L-shape’ form in plan, the overlapping volumes result in a visual lightness and integration between the private upper floor and the more social ground floor areas.  SLA PhotoStudio Functionality, as well as thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, were important aspects throughout the design process. In particular, ensuring visual connections from the interior of the house to the green space that surrounds were key.   SLA PhotoStudio   All areas of the house feature large openings that allow in natural light and ventilation, even in the service areas of the hou... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 27 jan. 2021

Pure and simple geometry defines the House of Jabuticabeiras

With its pure and simple geometry, natural materials such as concrete, wood and stone, House of Jabuticabeiras offers a warm and welcoming environment.   Felipe Araújo Designed by mf+arquitetos, the composition of the house comprises two parallel volumes on the ground floor and then another transverse volume above these two. The volumes result in an internal patio.   Felipe Araújo The lot itself has an exit to two streets, with the house then divided into two sectors with two entrances: being social and service. The layout of the house was established according to the family’s day-to-day living needs with an emphasis placed on the importance of the kitchen. Another important aspect wa... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 13 ago. 2020

Brazilian House cleverly navigates topography with multi-level volumetric design

In Salto de Pirapora, Brazil, this house by Vereda Arquitetos is situated on a 1000 sqm plot with an 8-meter slope from front to back. Looking out over a small ecological reserve and stream, the house comprises three buried masonry volumes with floor levels varying in accordance with the topography. Credit: Andre Scarpa The three volumes house the kitchen and laundry in the first volume, the bedrooms in the second and the master bedroom with bathroom in the third volume, which is a mezzanine type space enclosed from the living room below by sliding curtain. Credit: Andre Scarpa The arrangement of the volumes on-site allows for fluidity over the sloping terrain, without cutting the site off between front and back. A concrete gran... Mais
contemporary tv room
heigh ceiling living room
dining room

Projeto • By Mariana MartiniHabitação

CASA ITAIPAVA | Minimal elegance

For this Award Winning project in Itaipava, we created a cozy and elegant mood, and place to gather friends and create memories. Our project integrates the house into its outdoor natural surroundings using local materials that blend with the stunning landscape. With a minimalist design language , the space is effectively simple and powerful. Mais

Projeto • By Perkins&WillEscritórios

International Insurance Company

Pensando em trazer a identidade brasileira para a nova sede de uma seguradora internacional, o estúdio global de arquitetura e design Perkins and Will se inspirou nos cinco biomas brasileiros para criar um espaço de trabalho leve e descontraído, respeitando as características e necessidades do negócio do cliente.  “A principal solicitação do cliente foi priorizar áreas abertas e espaços colaborativos para acompanhar a transformação no branding e cultura da empresa”, explica a arquiteta Carla Chalu, Project Architect do estúdio da Perkins and Will em São Paulo. Os arquitetos estudaram o desenho do prédio para criar um layout di... Mais

Projeto • By Perkins&WillEscritórios

TozziniFreire Advogados Headquarters

O desenvolvimento tecnológico revoluciona cada vez mais as dinâmicas nos escritórios. No setor da advocacia não é diferente. Inovações como Inteligência Artificial e Machine Learning, por exemplo, exigem a dinamização e a integração entre as equipes, que precisam ter um perfil mais colaborativo.   Pensando nisso, o estúdio global de Arquitetura e Design Perkins and Will desenvolveu o projeto de renovação da sede do escritório TozziniFreire Advogados, na Vila Mariana, em São Paulo. “A principal premissa foi a quebra de paradigmas”, conta o arquiteto Fernando Vidal, Managing Director da Perkins and Will. &ldqu... Mais

Projeto • By Michel Macedo ArquitetosCasas Particulares

RG House

Condicionado por uma fronteira protegida ambientalmente nos fundos do relevo do terreno, a delimitação reservada para a residência RG diverge em dois fatores prioritários distintos, um ambiental e outro humano: o desnível acidentado, característico do contexto patobranquense, e o valor contemplativo que a vegetação preservada oferece aos moradores no limite mais privado do lote.   O projeto, então, propõe uma alternativa que concilia esses dois aspectos. A partir da rua, a casa se estende do limite superior do lote para os fundos, de forma a liberar a declividade do terreno enquanto se adequa à mesma, criando uma área sombreada sobre o solo e vinculand... Mais

Projeto • By Michel Macedo ArquitetosCasas Particulares

JK House

Composed by two fundamental aspects: structural design and nature, this house merges building elements into a beautiful valley landscape in Paraná state - Brazil, interrelating the geographical aspect and the local topography. Implemented as a stone inserted into the landscape, the raised ground floor on a single plateau is bounded by a concrete wall at a more private level relative to the street, adding the pool at its edge minimizing landfill impact. The design of the structure that rests on this stone is positioned in a way so that the premise of the proposal could it be revealed in the access as a sculptural piece that unites structure and architecture, keeping the natural concrete with strong appeal to the local techniques . T... Mais

Projeto • By ARQBR Arquitetura e UrbanismoEscritórios

Sala Comercial

O escritório se encontra em um edifício comercial, vizinho ao Eixo Monumental, nas proximidades do Memorial JK. De área reduzida, 35m², o espaço tem por principal objetivo abrigar a mesa de trabalho do proprietário, um estar e uma mesa para reuniões. Além disso, deveria compreender copa, lavabo, sala de banho e área de armazenamento de equipamentos. A planta original, de formato irregular, foi dividida em duas partes traçando-se, em paralelo à esquadria, uma linha de armários interrompida apenas pelo corredor de entrada. Dessa maneira, foi possível liberar espaço suficiente para criar-se um ambiente único para os três principais uso... Mais

Projeto • By Perkins&WillApartamentos

Oscar Ibirapuera

Jardins de Burle Marx, cinco projetos de Oscar Niemeyer e um rico calendário cultural fazem do Parque do Ibirapuera um dos marcos mais emblemáticos de São Paulo. A experiência de uma visita ao parque inspirou o projeto do Oscar Ibirapuera, novo residencial de alto padrão assinado pelo estúdio global de arquitetura e design Perkins and Will para a Trisul S.A.  Localizado entre a Av. República do Líbano, a Al. Jaúnas e a Rua Gaivota, o edifício proporciona aos moradores um contato constante com a natureza e o estilo de vida do parque. “A ideia foi trazer a atmosfera do Parque Ibirapuera para dentro do projeto, criando uma mostra de arte aberta 24h por dia”,... Mais