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NotíciasNotícia • 8 mai. 2021

Transformation retains the charm of a Catalan country house

In Priorat, Spain, GMO Arquitectura have rehabilitated and transformed a small Catalan country house, or ‘Mas,’ into a refuge for short-term vacation breaks. The retreat embodies the found state of the Mas and the rough and wild site of volcanic origin that surrounds.   Del Rio Bani The building is organized around two adjacent naves positioned at different levels. Constructed in different eras and adapted to the topography of the site, the new architecture differentiates itself from the pre-existing building mass. A conservative approach was taken to the original façade with only the necessary windows added to guarantee the required ventilation for the different rooms of the project. Del Rio Bani Importa... Mais

Projeto • By Woldon ArchitectsHabitação


Woldon Architects is on site for a new farmhouse between the Falmouth and Helford estuaries in Cornwall. The proposal replaces a compromised and poorly laid-out farmhouse of 315sqm with a highly efficient contemporary house of nearly 400sqm. The proposal was developed to embrace the best elements of Cornish farmhouse design with careful consideration for the client’s requirements for a contemporary home. The local area has a strong tradition of farmhouses following a simple rectangular or “L” shape plan often with gables ends. The new house seeks to continue this distinct Cornish tradition. Key principles of local vernacular design have been incorporated. The external walls are finished in coursed local granite with dress... Mais

Projeto • By Woldon ArchitectsHabitação

Walled Garden House

We are delighted to have obtained planning permission for a residential development in the Leicestershire countryside.  Architectural designs provide a contemporary response to a sensitive historic setting in the vicinity of two Grade I listed buildings.  The eighth architects to have put forward proposals to the local planning authority, Woldon Architects design was developed via successful consultation with Historic England.  Where three poorly constructed estate cottages currently exist, a large house with underground parking and a cottage will sit comfortably in the setting of a highly attractive sloping walled garden with views over historic parkland. The designs for a new house along the north wall of this walled garde... Mais

Projeto • By Moreno Farina StudioCasas Particulares

The dream of Life

Starting from an agricultural ruin no longer recoverable, we have proposed the reconstruction of its original nucleus as a function of a completely renewed second life; for Clients, the result obtained corresponds to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: to be able to live in the countryside with a sea view Mais

Projeto • By Vizdome SpaceCasas Particulares

La Bella Villa

​Country house in Kharkiv Oblast with carport and terrace​ Mais

Projeto • By Alessandro Eletto architettoCasas Particulares

MCM - pine cone house

The historic rural family house, remodeled in the mid-70s, turns into a modern, single-family house with a 'pensieve' and a panoramic terrace on the upper floor.The design philosophy was to transform the original introverted and dark building in the interiors into a house all facing the outside, bright and open, with new views towards the garden, the architectural emergencies (baroque church of Santa Venera della Madonna delle Grazie ) and natural landscapes. This has been achieved, yes, by significantly modifying all the elevations and giving a new connotation outside the house, but with the desire, to keep the original internal structure legible and enhance, typical of many spontaneous rural buildings scattered throughout the Marsala coun... Mais

Projeto • By DNK agCasas Particulares


The volume of the villa is built on strict geometry. The key architectural accent is the courtyard that provides both privacy and exposure to light. The task was to create a private space surrounded by greenery and exposed to light, taking into account that the area is small, building on neighbouring plots from three sides and only one side looks at the forest. The villa is a two-story building with open terraces and a flat roof. The house is placed closer to the plot border so that most of the territory in front of the forest could be turned into a park. The maintenance block is located along the plot border, and the residential building adjoins it through the courtyard in between. The open terraces of the ground and the first floors face... Mais

Projeto • By Alumil S.ACasas Particulares

Country Houses at Kos Island

On an island in the Aegean Sea, where exorbitance has no reason to exist, simplicity dominates and becomes the source of inspiration. Built according to the owner's activities and his aesthetic pursuits, the two country houses express the simplicity of luxury and the joy of architecture as a sequence of spaces. A linear design approach composes a flat and smooth shape which is effortlessly integrated into the landscape, letting the building's lines to disappear into the skyline. This character is strongly enhanced by the presence of the local flora at the perimeter of the houses, thus creating a fully functional courtyard, which is directly connected to the Greek culture and emphasizes the sense of freedom. Simple and easily recognizable ge... Mais

Projeto • By Studio antenaCasas Particulares

Hikitsuchi house

This single family residence near the Japan Sea is designed for sustainability and functionality with a feeling of family at its center. This single-storied home has a roof and exterior covered in glass fiber shingle that mimics the surroundingmountains and provides protection from the seaside winters. Strategically structured space has well placed openings for top light, and using window breezeways along the south and north to avoid air stagnation. The interior is pleasant with natural light and cool breezes-- especially welcomed in the hot and humid summer. The building height is low and the roof shape is unobtrusive allowing it to blend with the surrounding environment. Mais

Projeto • By OTP ArquiteturaPaisagem residencial


O projeto foi concebido com uma releitura de uma casa tradicional de fazenda, procurando trazer elementos tradicionais como alpendre, pátio, telhado de duas águas, beiral combinado a uma concepção contemporânea.O partido nasce da proposta de preservação das condições naturais do sitio. Fora definido a cota média do terreno para implantação dos dois volumes, do lado esquerdo, o social, voltado para o declive e tirando proveito da vista com a piscina cravada em meia encosta. Já o volume direito, no qual se localiza a parte intima da residência fica voltada ao aclive, protegendo-a de ruídos e conferindo maior privacidade. Os dois volumes são conectados por uma laje de concreto com vedação de tijolo ecológico aparente, criando um contraste com... Mais

Projeto • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectCasas Particulares


A country house is anchored to the horizon line, where the bank of the Tresinaro torrent stands as background and scene of the environmental field. The house reinterprets an historical countryside typology space named porta morta in contemporary terms, defining a hollow space that becomes the fulcrum of architecture.Two side wings help to ground the house in the plot: they slide on each other by a transparent double height passing through which links and connects the spaces of the bedrooms / studio on the first floor through an hanging balcony.The porch as a solar diaphragm and jasmine canopy configures the open-air extension of the living room, while the first floor rooms extend the house towards the landscape.&nbs... Mais

Projeto • By Martin Dulanto ArquitectoHabitação

Casa Topo

Casa Topo: Conception of the Project This project is conceived with the premise of minimizing its impact on the environment, looking for the house to be perceived smaller than it really is. For this, the lower level of the house (which contains the social and service areas) is semi-buried and it is given a rustic and organic treatment, since it is the level that physically relates to nature, while in contrast, the upper level, the one that contains the bedrooms, is considered as a pure block (completely covered in wood) apparently simply resting on the ground.The first level (level of income to the project), which contains the bedrooms, is presented as a large wooden box resting on the ground. Taking advantage of the height from this l... Mais

Projeto • By Otoni ArquiteturaCasas Particulares

Casa São Roque - Country House

O legal em uma casa de campo é a chance de estimular o nosso equilíbrio com a natureza. Neste projeto, pensamos nas áreas externas como uma extensão da casa ao ar livre, para onde todos os seus espaços confluem. Mais

Projeto • By OOIIO ArchitectureRural

Country House in Las Herencias

We moved to a completely rural environment. Suddenly everything is calmer, the hours seem to pass slower, and you can breathe quality of life in every corner.People are kind and not only say hello when you come across them, but it seems almost obligatory to stand up and talk to each other a little.Our client commissioned us with a comfortable cottage in which to enjoy his retirement, returning to the village where he grew up. Thousands of childhood memories came to his mind during every visit we made with him to follow the evolution of the work.The large plot of land allowed us to develop a comfortable house on a single floor, which we decided to fragment into elongated modules that connect the street with the backyard.Some modules are in t... Mais

Projeto • By Atelier Barda architectureCasas Particulares

Maison Gauthier

Context and setting La Maison Gauthier is located in the Laurentians, in Quebec, near the town of Mont-Tremblant. It is set in a hilly terrain and is surrounded by a dense expanse of forest characteristic of this mountainous region. The lot is located on a rocky hill covered with spruce and birch. It is bounded to the east by the main road and to the west by the owners’ horse farm. The clients wanted a volume with views largely oriented towards the horses’ riding arena below. At the same time, they wanted to take advantage of the intimacy created by the topography of the lot.    The forested berm between the road and house creates a visual filter, allowing a sequential progression towards the building. The volume i... Mais