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Projeto • By ExpolightParques / Jardins

Boulevard on Pivdenna Street

Illumination of the adjacent pedestrian boulevard includes functional light from supporting lamps, illumination of trees with spotlights built into the ground, and illumination of a stream laid across the boulevard. Expolight The main dominant of the boulevard is the longest artificial stream in Ukraine, 200m long, as well as the 7m Atlant sculpture. At this place 100 years ago, the underground river Polovitsa flowed, the channel of which was placed in a collector. Expolight The entire lighting concept of the boulevard is built around the manifestation of the theme of water. To add a corner of nature among urbanization and return to modern residents this ancient river, which was walled up underground. Expolight The task wa... Mais

Projeto • By CONTRERAS EARL ArchitectureApartamentos

272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal

Rising 44 storeys above its beachside setting, 272 Hedges Avenue presents an unfolding experience of architectural elegance and unparalleled amenity, with the design of the pedestal inspired by the natural forces of the project’s coastal location. Peter Sexty Australian property developer Sunland Group appointed Contreras Earl Architecture to design the two-storey pedestal base for the Mermaid Beach tower, including the interior and communal areas. Inspired by patterns of wind and water on rocks and sand, the exquisite design brings a human scale to the ground plane of the tower and creates an engaging, sculptural connection with the streetscape and parklands. It marks the transition between the coast and urban edge, and the sea... Mais

Projeto • By The Works InteriorsApartamentos


A designer’s home is one of the most challenging places to shape, especially when there are two designers. Reminiscing the days when a lack of options for furniture pieces led to the establishment of their design studio ‘The Works Interiors’, the designer duo at TWI, Raj and Devika Khosla, manifest their new home as an extension of their personalities and choices. TWI comes to a full circle with this 1800 sqft home, starting from the founder’s first home to this new home, aptly called Treetops, where endless visuals of the tops of trees, along with the chirping of the birds, seep indoors through large windows and the balconies. Noughts and Crosses Located on the 2nd floor of a luxurious apartment in Delhi, besi... Mais

Projeto • By Latitud 10 Arquitectura COSTA RICAPaisagem residencial

Xihu Residence

The Xihu Residence is based on two very important premises for its owner: to have all the internal comforts of a house through the use of technologies to seek the sustainability of the operation of the house. Caption Due to these two premises, the owner wanted to incorporate the use of a centralized HVAC system and optimize its operation by carrying out the construction of the project through the ICF system that provides the best possible insulation. In the same way, the chosen HVAC system is highly efficient, and the proposed windows are double-paneled in order to minimize the demand for the residence’s operating load. Caption The design combines all these needs with the use of different textures and materials that link t... Mais

Projeto • By MOC DESIGN OFFICECinemas

Baichuan Cinema, Shenzhen

The visual impact of adding jumping colours to a single colour condition contains full energy. In this project, MOC uses the same technique to present the space in the main tone of black, white and grey, giving it a unique texture of a black and white film through changes in spatial structure, materials, light and shadow, and highlighting the only colour in the space, bright orange, to energise the space and pay tribute to classic film works. Nie Xiaocong Nie Xiaocong Nie Xiaocong Nie Xiaocong Nie Xiaocong Nie Xiaocong Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By CSMM - architecture mattersEscritórios

Reply Lingotto, Turin

Reply tasked the architecture and consulting firm CSMM with developing a distinctive corporate interior design for its headquarters in FIAT’s former Lingotto factory in Turin. A section of the new office known as “Area 42” features co-design workshops where Reply clients can collaborate with the Reply development team on building and testing prototypes in a real-world environment. The interior design of these innovative research, recreational and office spaces expands on the concept CSMM has already introduced at six other Reply sites, including the Munich office. From the outset, the goal has always been to translate the Italian IT consulting firm’s brand identity into successful workplace design. As such, “Ar... Mais

Projeto • By Tulli StudioApartamentos

Apartamento MORADA

O Apartamento Morada foi reformado com o intuito de explorar potencial e sofisticação. Elegância andam lado a lado com aconchego e conforto, sem perder a identidade dos clientes e valorizando os materiais naturais brasileiros. Eduardo Macarios Ao entrar, depara-se com uma mesa de mármore Paraná. Instalado dentro de uma estrutura em cubo de madeira: um nicho revestido que dialoga esteticamente com a mesa, possuindo função buffet, tornando uma adição vistosa e funcional. A Sala de Jantar conta com sofá de couro, poltronas de tecido (com estrutura em madeira) e tapete neutro, trazendo atmosfera relaxante. Há um belo painel branco de bordas amadeiradas e uma... Mais

Projeto • By Tulli StudioApartamentos

Apartamento Cubo

Apartamento Cubo. O lar como uma caverna multifuncional, onde há liberdade para tudo: trabalhar, assistir, descansar e receber. Lugar onde aconchego e modernidade se unem, onde o neutro se faz presente, mas com pontos de cor na decoração, como nas almofadas e tecidos. Bastante espaço vazio entre os móveis, para que tudo seja funcional, mas bem confortável. Ivan Araújo O objetivo do projeto foi a renovação do apartamento que se encontra em um prédio muito antigo. Ele possui área de 88m² e ganhou marcenaria nova sob medida, nova iluminação, novas pedras e tampos de mármore e granito. Linhas retas, neutralidade, flexibilidade,  con... Mais

Projeto • By BezmirnoApartamentos

Miami Apartments

Today’s realities force us to work in an even more inspired and diligent way. To work so that Ukraine is admired all over the world. That is why foreign projects have become even more important for us. Bezmirno In this project, we improved upon our own style utilizing some of our most favorite materials and colors. The customer, fully trusting our experience and style, allowed us to work with a mostly blank canvas and provided his input and refinements as we sculpted the design into perfection. Bezmirno This apartment is located in one of the premier skyscrapers of Miami. Among tall, massive buildings, we sought to create a cozy space in which to comfortably live, work, meet guests and entertain. Bezmirno The total a... Mais

Projeto • By Studio INTULojas


Avramento is a city delicatessen located in the center of a street mall, Designed by studio intu.The main values of Avramento is a great customer experience and top quality food products. Tamir Rogowski The Design captures the essence of the business, aspiring to bring both classic and contemporary design and to create a shopping experience that all customers would love.  Tamir Rogowski The design aspires to merge with the food products and to create an immersing experience that is all about great food, provoking happy and positive emotions throughout the design. Tamir Rogowski The color scheme uses shaded of green, brown, rustic textures on one hand, and on the other- clean concrete floor and white marble. Tamir R... Mais

Projeto • By AtelierzeroApartamentos


O projeto envolve a renovação completa de um pequeno apartamento com vista para Darsena de Milão. Para realçar a vista privilegiada oferecida por duas grandes janelas francesas sobre a paisagem urbana circundante, decidiu-se abrir totalmente a sala e a cozinha, tornando-as de fato um único ambiente. Simone Furiosi A parede da sala e a parede da cozinha perpendiculares a ela tornam-se um pano de fundo cênico que delimita a área de estar, separando-a das áreas mais privadas da casa. Simone Furiosi O armário de entrada, o armário suspenso, a porta de pé-direito, os armários da cozinha, a ilha e os roupeiros que definem os caixilhos das janelas s&atil... Mais

Projeto • By Elval ColourEscritórios


The new ''Fabryczna Office Park'' is an office complex building, in the centre of Krakow, Poland.The impressive building complies with the highest design standards, but also meets the latest technical requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, and fire protection. etalbond® A2 is a construction material, which allows the freedom of design, due to the superior technological features.Quantity: 41500 sqmColours: Silver White Metallic, Anthracite, Anthracite Silver, Anodised Look C34, Pearl BeigeArchitect: IMB Asymetria   Mais

Produto • By Estudio FloridaMacaron stool I & II

Macaron stool I & II

The Argentinian artist Daniel Basso joins the architecture studio Estudio Florida to create an everyday use work of art. The artist frequently evoques Argentinian pastry in his pieces and this time the most popular French patisserie is made into two different stools to dress up any room. Mais

Projeto • By Jeffrey Beers InternationalRestaurantes


La Central pays homage to a fundamental emblem of Puerto Rico’s history: “la caña de azúcar”, through the creative use of sugarcane & rum in its dishes. Chef Mario Pagán’s appetite for new techniques while staying true to Puerto Rico’s heritage proves that an upscale cuisine combined with fire are a timeless match worthy of your palate. With multiple seating areas, including an outdoor space with a bar, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air with drinks prepared by the finest mixologists. Straw-woven accents & industrial metal finishes accentuate the main dining room, lit by round chandeliers that evoke a brief reminiscence of the past- quickly brought back to life by the energy of the... Mais

Projeto • By ArtystryEscritórios

map shore consultan

ARTYSTRY created a space that encourages collaboration and community at the MAP SHORE offices in CALICUT, KERALA. Well-designed spec suites need to deliver results. Every money spent needs to work hard and it takes a smart design studio to continually exceed customer objectives and secure tenants. justin Sebastian MAP SHORE called upon ARTYSTRY to design this 1000 sqft workspace at CALICUT, in the heart of city CALICUT’s, using their vast experience in the sector there were no window openings at space, so we are Maximizing artificial light throughout, justin Sebastian the space emphasizes community, collaboration and connectedness, from the contemporary reception to the open work space and breakout area. Greeted by a mod... Mais