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Projeto • By Uygur ArchitectsCentros Culturais

CER Modern Arts Center

The history of the project goes back to 1990s, when a national competition was opened in 1992 for the design of presidential symphony orchestra concert hall on a vacant land between Ulus and Sıhhiye, the old and new quarters of Ankara. The site conta... Mais

Projeto • By Just Open ArchitectureExposições

The Post Anthropocene

JOA is honoured to participate in the 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen). We have always taken the research led perspective as the starting point of the design, trying to discuss the story behind the architecture in greater dep... Mais

Projeto • By Matern ArchitektenEscritórios


In the unused cafeteria of the Paderborn Fraunhofer Institute, a modern coworking space called "Idea Engine" has been created. Here workshops are held that bring together science and industry for futurology and product innovation. The image of the Fu... Mais

Projeto • By PORCELANOSACentros de Exposições

Huawei Exhibition Center

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd  is not only a renowned brand of mobiles; founded in 1987, the Chinese multinational is a company specialised in research and development of electronic products, with R&D centres in the main cities of China... Mais

Projeto • By Liqui GroupShowrooms

Havwoods International - Clerkenwell

To celebrate Clerkenwell Design Week Havwoods commissioned Liqui to create a variety of eye-catching visual merchandising installations for their Clerkenwell showroom at 26-27 Great Sutton Street. The displays showcase a variety of Cork products from... Mais

Projeto • By BIROExposições


The exhibition ‘Reboot: Backstage of Progress’ noted a shift in regional design development, highlighting in its selection products or collections of brands that mark their technological, manufacturing and business advancements driven by... Mais

Projeto • By AntiStatics ArchitectureExposições

Woven Grove

This project is entitled “Woven Grove,” and is an exploration of the inherent material behaviors of bamboo and inspired by the craft-based practice of weaving. As bamboo is one of the most rapid growing natural materials and is capable of... Mais

Projeto • By Deve BuildExposições

Dark Matter

Seeming to face a state of chaos and darkness, the enlightened wakes up before the dawn. Darkness is extreme and boundless, so profound and far-reaching beyond description. Out of instinct, it’s called “dark matter”, because it is a... Mais

Projeto • By Deve BuildExposições


This is a “collision” between traditional Chinese folk craftsmanship and contemporary arts. The image of Chinese peacock is expressed with the “paper flower” craft of Chinese folks. Returning to the tradition, we make Chinese... Mais

Projeto • By Deve BuildExposições

Moon Hut

I. Moon MarshAs a general rule, there is a half-moon “Pond” in front of Hakka ancestral hall of enclosed architecture in Lingnan region, or “Moon Marsh”, as it is called, which I think to be a pool of lucid water nourishing each enclosed ancestral ha... Mais

Projeto • By Interval ArchitectsMuseus

Botanic Exhitition Greenhouse

Seven repetitive geometric pyramids make up the roof of this exhibition hall. Each cone consists of steel structure and triangular glass curtain wall. The peripheral glass curtain wall, as well as the transparent roof, creates the transparency of the... Mais

Projeto • By KANTOORGalerias de arte

Unfolding NPAK - Centre for Contemporary Art

Unfolding NPAK – KANTOOR receives Jury-Mention for renovation proposal for the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art.KANTOOR, a Colombian-Dutch architecture studio based in Beijing, proposes an intervention to open up the Armenian Cen... Mais

Projeto • By Deve BuildExposições

The Fading Past

We’ve been lived a happy, unromantic but carefree life. What are left in our mind are extended lane, undisturbed courtyard and the eaves under the blue sky. The doves, staying on or flying over the eaves, are in our memory. Even in the bitter c... Mais

Projeto • By HQ ARCHITECTSHeranças

90 Degrees

Hansen House is a historic hospital that cared for people with leprosy, established in Jerusalem in 1887. Nowadays it is transformed into a design, media and technology cultural center and is the home of the Jerusalem Design Week, which is now in its... Mais

Projeto • By Esrawe StudioExposições

Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting

The multidisciplinary design workshop THiNC – Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena – has intervened in two spaces in the exhibition Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting at the High Museum in Atlanta. The exhibition presents the work of the two... Mais