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Produto • By GiraGira Plug&Light

Gira Plug&Light

Plug & Light is redefining lighting design thanks to its open system that offers controllable lighting from the socket outlet. The Plug & Light light socket outlet can be easily and safely installed in commercially available Europeandevice boxes. In combination with different light top units, Plug & Light ensures conveniently controllable lighting. Guaranteed functionally reliable, dimmable without flickering, and always perfectly coordinated with any interior thanks to matching switch designs. For a wonderfully flexible indoor lighting experience. Mais

Projeto • By JM Studio ArchitektoniczneEscritórios

Intop Office

Project location: Warsaw, ul. Drewny 70 Completion Year: 2017 Building Area :  980 m2 Site Area  : 1350 m2 Lead Architects: Magdalena Ignaczak , Jacek Kunca Photographer :  Mariusz Purta                Mariusz Purta Mariusz Purta Personalized headquarters – a showcase of the company dealing with civil engineering.   Mariusz Purta Mariusz Purta Architectural design was created at the same time with interior design and this is why together they form an inseparable whole. It allowed to create a representative building perfectly fulfilling the customer’s needs. The building consists of three over... Mais

Projeto • By GiraHabitação

Artisan building complex in Fitzrovia, London

Best Place to Live Fitzrovia – Although located in the heart of London, this unconventional district is the polar opposite of the neighbouring West End with its thriving business life. Fitzrovia is known for its lively art scene, and has always held a fascination for famous personalities, such as Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw and Arthur Rimbaud. Even today, poets, designers, and musicians are drawn to the district's many bars, pubs, and concert venues, and it is also widely known for its traditional handicrafts. There is certainly no better place in the whole of London to combine business with pleasure, and inspiration with relaxation. In 2016 "The Sunday Times" even bestowed Fitzrovia with the honour of being London's most liveabl... Mais

Projeto • By GiraCentros Culturais

The Koetshuis

Restoration and renovation in 2016 The Koetshuis has now been given a suitable purpose after a period of different uses, as it now houses the West Brabant Archive. The ground floor has been given a public function as a reading room and visitor centre for the archive service. The intermediate floor was thoroughly rebuilt and has now been furnished as office space for the archive staff. The cellar has a multifunctional purpose and can be used independently both during the day and in the evening. Exterior Some limited changes have been implemented to the exterior. For instance, the inward opening doors have been replaced by new ones, which invitingly open outwards and have been given a fresh blue-grey tone. The paintwork on the door frame... Mais

Projeto • By GiraPiscinas

De Fluit

De Fluit is a sustainable swimming pool with a silver lining All the comfort within reach via three central touch screens The old De Fluit swimming pool in Leidschendam stands awaiting demolition next to the new one. The contrast between old and new is enormous. The changes inside are not only visible, they are also noticeable. The brand-new building excels in the field of sustainability, efficiency and comfort, thanks to clever construction and installation technology. The boiler fuelled by wood chips for heating the building and pool water, and the electrical installation are exceptional and provide efficiency and comfort thanks to automation and central operation. The old De Fluit swimming pool is 45 years-old and no longer meet... Mais

Produto • By GiraGira System 106

Gira System 106

An excellent first impressionYou never have a second chance to make a first impression. And when it comes to buildings, it's the front door that visitors see first, so everything needs to be perfect. This is easily achieved with the Gira System 106, the new door station system made from metal with an elegant, minimalist design. Elegant and flexible – these are the key characteristics of the Gira System 106: a modular door communication system with metal front plates, a minimalist design and a high-quality look-and-feel. The system's standard dimensions are 106.5 × 106.5 mm, and it includes a wide and constantly growing range of products for use in outdoor areas. It also offers IP 54 protection against splash water.The frameless modules of t... Mais

Projeto • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsMuseus

Messner Mountain Museum Corones (MMM Corones)

Embedded within the summit of Mount Kronplatz, 2,275m above sea level at the centre South Tyrol’s most popular ski resort, the Messner Mountain Museum Corones is surrounded by the alpine peaks of the Zillertal, Ortler and Dolomites. Established by renowned climber Reinhold Messner, the sixth and final Messner Mountain Museum explores the traditions, history and discipline of mountaineering. © Hufton+Crow © Messner, the first person to climb all 14 mountains around the world over 8,000 meters, and the first to climb Mount Everest without the aid of tanked oxygen, conveys his vision for the MMM Corones: “Kronplatz offers views beyond the borders of South Tyrol to all points of the compass: fr... Mais

Produto • By GiraGira E2 in stainless steel

Gira E2 in stainless steel

Design classics reflect the spirit of their age while radiating timeless beauty. With the E2 switch range, Gira created a modern classic: a linear and pared-down design that makes an uncompromisingly clear statement while placing distinctive accents on a wall. Gira will present two new versions at BAU 2017: the E2 in stainless steel, together with all the variants in the range which are now also available for flat mounting. Architects love the range. The Gira E2 has been architects' switch of choice since 1998. The only drawback until now has been that the range was only available in shatterproof and UV-resistant thermoplastic. On the occasion of the BAU trade fair, Gira has responded to the requests of many architects who wanted thi... Mais

Produto • By GiraGira Esprit Linoleum-multiplex

Gira Esprit Linoleum-multiplex

Gira is expanding its appealing Esprit switch series with new materials. With the Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex design line, the solution provider for modern building technology is offering equipment variants made of renewable raw materials for the first time. At Light+Building, linoleum surfaces will be shown which consist of natural raw materials which are even 80% renewable: linseed oil, tree resin, cork, wood flour, and powdered limestone. The linoleum is attached to a frame of multiplex boards. This frame is composed of thin veneer layers arranged crosswise, manufactured using wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe with FSC or PEFC certification. Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex will be available in six different colour schemes... Mais

Projeto • By ElbphilharmonieSalas de Concertos

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Hamburg has a new cultural landmark: the Elbphilharmonie, which opens its doors on January 11 and 12, 2017 in Hamburg’s HafenCity. On the banks of the river Elbe on approx. 1,700 reinforced concrete piles a building complex has emerged, which, in addition to three concert halls, will encompass a hotel, 45 private apartments, and the publicly accessible Plaza with a 360° panoramic view of the city. The centrepiece of the Elbphilharmonie is also one of the most exciting structural challenges in Europe at the moment: A world-class concert hall at a height of 50 metres with seating for 2,100, which is decoupled from the rest of the building for soundproofing reasons. The Elbphilharmonie is the perfect symbiosis of architecture and music at a un... Mais

Projeto • By GiraHotéis

Hotelpark Große Ledder

At the heart of the Bergisches Land district of Germany is the idyllic Große Ledder seminar and recreational hotel complex set in a wooded area of 50 hectares. In eleven individually designed buildings, which are spread throughout the hilly landscape, there are 91 comfortable bedrooms and 13 light and airy conference rooms with modern media systems. The hotel is run by Bayer Gastronomie. In 2008 the process of gradually modernising and, where necessary, converting the buildings began. Intelligent building technology and a KNX network allow the separate facilities to be managed from a central location. They also make a significant contribution to saving energy and ensure the highest level of comfort for the hotel guests, while creating a str... Mais

Projeto • By GiraCasas Particulares

Smart Residential Building

Depending on your viewpoint, a huge conservatory expands the young family's living space – or it gives the garden a roof, for relaxed moments together even on rainy autumn evenings. The new construction is also pretty impressive in terms of energy efficiency: the building, which complies with the German energy standards of a KfW Efficiency House 70 and is fitted with PV modules on the roof, a ground source heat pump with surface collectors, and solid insulation, consumes about as much electricity as it generates, in total. In addition, all the home technology components are linked up and can be controlled via a smartphone or a tablet, and smart automatic functions make everyday life that little bit easier. The major advantage: with the basi... Mais

Produto • By GiraGira Design Configurator

Gira Design Configurator

Anyone who is planning a new construction or a renovation wants to know what it will look like in the end. The same applies to the electrical installation. That requires a lot of imagination and experience. Or the Gira Design Configurator. This online tool lets the user combine the frame variants of the Gira switch ranges with selected features in various colours and materials. And now for a fascinating feature: the Augmented Reality mode. By means of this "augmented reality", the user can see--using their Smartphone or tablet camera--what the Gira switch range looks like in a real environment. Switches and sockets can be viewed from different perspectives. This showcases the effect of the colours and surfaces, and provides a good spatial i... Mais

Projeto • By GiraHabitação

The Pavilion in Blackheath, London

In the London district of Blackheath the Coopers had for a number of years lived in the Pagoda, a tower-like structure originally built by the architect Sir William Chambers in the style of Orientalism. For their retirement however they wanted a modern, energy-efficient home, while preferably staying in this green part of the city. A good friend of the family suggested building within the grounds of the Pagoda and their son, Sam Cooper of E2 Architecture + Interiors, went on to design the new family home. For Sam, the demanding design of the new building was a challenge: the house not only had to blend in with the adjacent listed buildings but also fit into the local conservation area. In addition, his parents - architect Philip and inte... Mais

Produto • By GiraGira G1

Gira G1

The Gira G1 is the new, compact and visually appealing room operating device for the KNX system. All the functions can be operated intuitively by touching or gesturing on the excellent multi-touch display – more easily than ever before. The simple operation is ensured by the Gira Interface, which is a completely new development and features a user-friendly symbol system including large fonts and easy-to-understand symbols. The Gira G1 has a wide range of uses, from lighting and blinds control to room temperature setting, programming of timers, calling up scenes up to door communication. The KNX room operating device is operated via PoE (Power over Ethernet). In combination with the Gira push-button sensor 3 or a KNX CO2 sensor it can... Mais