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Projeto • By iGuzziniHotéis

Hôtel Zenit convento San Martín

The New Hotel Zenit Convento de San Martin is located in the heart of San Sebastián, less than 100 metres from the Paseo Marítimo and the La Concha beach. It stands behind the façade of an ancient convent built in 1887 with stone from the Igueldo Mountain quarry for the congregation of the Servants of Mary. The hotel offers various kinds of room. In some cases, these are located in the original convent environments and are therefore characterised by frescoes and cross vaults, while others stand out for their simple and minimalist design. The Sukaldean restaurant, run by Chef Aitor Santamaria, has a spacious, open air dining room and a bar in the upper area of the swimming pool. In an environment characterised by the wa... Mais

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Exe Saldanha

The Exe Saldanha is a hotel that is contemporary in spirit and functional in character, the ideal place for urbanites. The hotel facilities have been designed paying great attention to every single detail so as to live up to your expectations, whether you are here for tourism or on a business trip. Lodes' suspensions Kelly and A-Tube as well as A-Tube ceiling lamp blend in naturally with the design, decorating and embellishing the café, the dining room and the hotel's entrance hall. Mais

Projeto • By LODESHotéis

Lagas Aegean Village Hotel

Lagas Aegean Village is a hotel resort located on the golden sandy shores of the south coast of Kos Island, Greece. Built on a slope, every spot offers beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. It's Its layout and use of space is characteristic of the distinctive Aegean architecture. Completely renovated in 2011, Lagas Aegean Village Hotel resort in Kos, Greece, chose Lodes lighting fixtures for the decoration of the main lounge. Lodes' suspensions Kelly Sphere and Kelly Cluster blend in naturally with the local design, decorating and illuminating, together with Rain, the main building’s lounges. Mais

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Hotel Al Capriolo

This elegant restaurant has been run by the same family for years and has a history dating back over two centuries. It serves regional yet creative cuisine and has a distinctly Middle European ambience with its hunting trophies, clocks and frescoes. The more casual Capriolino osteria offers a limited choice of attractively priced traditional dishes. Mais

Projeto • By KLUSHotéis

Warsaw Hotel

The former Prudential building and now the 5* Warsaw hotel has been renovated and restored to become one of the most modern hotels in Poland. The interiors feature high-quality materials such as exotic stone, marble, polished copper, wood and our lighting solutions, which are based on light and economical profiles and brought out the beauty of these precious materials. Architects: Architect: M. Grzybek / G. Grzybek / M. Stępniewski-Janowski / P. Kramarz / J. Zardini / J. Wichłacz Photography: Bartosz Makowski Mais

Projeto • By BEGAHotéis

Hotel Franz, Essen

The architecture of the four-star hotel Franz designed by Nattler Architects reflects both contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Generously dimensioned glazed expanses combined with tricolor Trespa facades highlight the attractive exterior of the hotel.A large-area photovoltaics system on the roof ensures complete power independence and 100% green energy. The fully air-conditioned rooms leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort. Energy-efficient LED lighting by BEGA adds to the welcoming ambiance: The outdoor areas of the hotel are well lit by bollards and pole-top luminaires.The architecture's welcoming attitude is mirrored in the innovative hospitality concept of the hotel. The various areas of the hotel offer plenty of options... Mais

Projeto • By Puri Lighting DesignHotéis

Qionghai Lake 17° General Hall Hotel

O local original era a antiga residência de Liu Xiangzhi, um oficial da Dinastia Qing. É de madeira e adota construção em coluna e gravata, caracterizada pela tranquilidade e charme antigo. Depois de cem anos, ele conta a história do passado no halo e na precipitação do tempo.   O projeto de iluminação se esforça para criar um ambiente de luz sutil e contido, mas proeminente. O método de iluminação para iluminar a cavidade na casa antiga destaca o design exclusivo da decoração da cavidade na estrutura do edifício. A temperatura da cor é colorida por uma luz branca quente, que não só restaura a textura da... Mais

Produto • By Yellow Goat DesignImplosion


It might resemble the sparks from metal grinder but the spark here is not coming from a grinding wheel. Instead it is a burst of renewal frozen in time. Shades of metallic aluminum blades are positioned in a precise angle with each other, lit up by LED bipins between. Mais

Produto • By Yellow Goat DesignArboreal


‘Arboreal’ or ‘living in trees’ is a signature sculptural light of Yellow Goat Design bringing the beauty and harmony of the natural environment into intimate, bespoke and luxurious contemporary design interiors. A stylish light for commercial retail, hotel lighting and casino spaces, Arboreal casts a unique mix of prickled light and shadow around a room in leaf-like patterns, emulating filtered sunlight cast from the native Australian Eucalypt. Featuring thick clumping foliage cut from satin and mirror polished gold and silver aluminium sheet suspended en-masse in clusters using brass rods (optional) and lit by LED, this decorative, large-scale custom chandelier brings the outdoors indoors and accentuates the moveme... Mais

Produto • By Yellow Goat DesignThe Cut Outs

The Cut Outs

If you could cut out the brightly colored shapes found in the city and collect them all in one place, this is what you might end up with. Bits of windows, signages, metalworks, block of tiles. This is a collection of a future cityscape, in the most abstract way. Mais

Projeto • By Ariel zuckermanHotéis

Herbert Samuel Hotel

 "Ripple” huge 10-meter lighting fixture that floats in the new lobby of the Herbert Samuel Hotel, at the iconic Opera Tower Custom made lighting installation by Studio Ariel Zuckerman, in the vast lobby of the new Herbert Samuel Hotel, at the iconic Opera tower of Tel Aviv. The space was designed by Architect Firm Ran and Morris who approached our studio to design a huge,ten-meter diameter lighting fixture, the brief was in one hand an object big enough to "hold" the huge space, and on the other hand not to take over, Adding to the huge challenge the fixture hanging cannot be directly upward Because of the sky light at the ceiling, and so by working with light but strong materials, dividing into smaller segments, and anchoring... Mais

Projeto • By Ariel zuckermanHotéis

Nordoi Hotel

Custom made lighting fixtures design project, for the iconic Nordau Hotel The hotel was built in the 1920s, few years ago it was decided to preserve and restore it unique architecture and design, while transforming it into an update boutique hotel, Ariel Zuckerman studio got the challenge to make the lighting for the hotel, and to keep the dialog between old and new in the city design scene.  The lighting fixtures design for the historic Nordau Hotel was a challenging project, which combines modern design that has been integrated with the iconic hotel in Tel Aviv for decades. Nordau hotel was built in the 1920s and since then has served as a hotel to this day, a few years ago it was decided to preserve and restore the hotel while e... Mais

Projeto • By Puri Lighting DesignHotéis

Dalian Luneng Jinshitan Hilton

The extraordinary style of Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Hilton Resort Hotel is not only due to its superior geographical location, but also due to its exquisite design. Whether it is day or night, the noble atmosphere presented by nature allows customers to enjoy the courtesy of European court aristocrats in private.   This resort hotel is one of the secret gardens in Dalian romantic city. It was built on the hillside at the core of Golden Pebble Beach National 5A Tourism Resort. HBA designers drew inspiration from the western architecture left over from the area and coordinated with the western style positioning of the whole area. By virtue of the unique geographical environment of the highest point protruding from the coastline, a Eu... Mais

Projeto • By Foco Luz & DesenhoHotéis

Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo

Referência mundial no quesito luxo e hospedagem, a rede internacional de hotéis Four Seasons chegou à São Paulo com a tradicional excelência de seu serviço cinco-estrelas. O projeto arquitetônico, fruto da parceria entre o escritório norte-americano HKS Architects e o paulista Aflalo e Gasperini Arquitetos, guiou todo o interior do edifício com seu tom atemporal e minimalista, equilibrando a clássica identidade da marca hoteleira ao melhor do design moderno e contemporâneo do país.   A iluminação seguiu uma diretriz semelhante pelas mãos do escritório Foco Luz & Desenho. Tendo como maior desafio adaptar as diferentes li... Mais

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Raffles Europejski Warsaw

The Raffles Europejski Warsaw, located in the city center of Warsaw, is characterised by a fascinating history, architecture and unrivaled prestige. The building was designed by Enrico Marconi an Italian architect from Poland and was inaugurated in 1858, becoming one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in Europe.The hotel structure was gravely damaged during the second World War and was then part of a big reconstruction project. In June 2018, Raffles Europejski Warsaw opened its doors to welcome a new chapter in an extraordinary history which spans 161 years.The Hotel has 106 rooms, one signature restaurant, legendary Long Bar, Raffles Spa and heritage patisserie Lourse Warszawa entirely dedicated to its guests. For the lobby floor, nex... Mais