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Produto • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniEuphoria


Euphoria armchair represents a perfect example of Fifties style: the backside and armrests that slightly touch the seat, convey a sense of lightness to the entire structure: the shape, embellished by a “dot” pattern embroidery, enhances t... Mais

Produto • By DécoClap!


The covering system Clap!, for indoor solutions, represents a real revolution. It is a unique product that combines the charm and refinement of traditional materials such as wood and stone, with highly superior technical features and performance comp... Mais

Produto • By FlosBon Jour Versalles

Bon Jour Versalles

Table lamp providing diffuse light. Injection molded polymethylmethacrylate clear transparent base and diffuser. Electroplated/painted top cover in ABS. Edge Lighting technology light source. Power cord length 200 cm, with dimmer switch that provide... Mais

Produto • By L&L Luce&LightBrenta


Linear profile for indoor applications available in six lengths, two wattages and with light sources with a high colour rendering index.Brenta, which is available with a width of 42 mm or 70 mm, can be installed either flush to the ceiling or deep se... Mais

Produto • By L&L Luce&LightBitpop C

Bitpop C

Bitpop C is the new family of ceiling-mounted fixtures for indoor applications, available in the versions: single optics, 4 optics arranged in a square or 4 optics in a line.The Bitpop C range features recessed optics, to guarantee greater visual com... Mais

Produto • By NAMA modular plaster productsFOS collection

FOS collection

FOS is a growing collection of recessed spotlights that can realize any lighting design. Mais

Produto • By ewoID


̶  Housing accommodates 4 LED (LED Board: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 LED)̶  Current feed: 200 mA–500 mA, depending on ambient temperature̶  Electronic operating device with DALI interface, 1–10 V or stand-alone programming, extern... Mais



Onda Spa Beds are designed for Spas, hotels e Resorts for indoor and outdoor use and they can be totally customized to adapt to your areas. the soft lines of Onda Beds convey elegance to the location, where relax is the main focus before and after we... Mais

Produto • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignTregola Lounge by Nüvist

Tregola Lounge by Nüvist

We explore more usage function for Tregola Table form which has been created with some folding, bending and twisting design formations which based on triangular geometry. Our goal is to make minimalist form which reflects dynamism and simple geo... Mais

Projeto • By MosaPiscinas

Indoor Swimming Pool- Uster

Fit for the Olympics: Uster’s flexible and design-oriented swimming pool Residential town at the waterfront – this is how Uster, the third largest city in the Swiss County Zurich, describes itself. Its proximity to Zurich and its own large off... Mais

Projeto • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsPiscinas

Underground Swimming Pool

An existing residence with a garden and the wish to build an indoor swimming pool. The situation of not being allowed to build above ground in the garden and our conception of a space for 'long-distance travel' made the ground-space the site to buil... Mais

Projeto • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsApartamentos

Lola Loft

A space within space. A circular, 65m2 large, 'empty field' is inscribed into the bare loft space. Surrounded with a translucent curtain it forms the soft and atmospheric core of the living space. Depending on the position of the curtain, the outer f... Mais

Produto • By Executive StairsTeorema


Carolina Melis designed three different decorations: Teorema, Cristallo and Esagon. These designs recall the emotions of Decò patterns, optical graphics, and in case of Cristallo the random cracks of the glass itself.  Mais

Produto • By 21st LivingartORLANDO & ANGELICA


The inspiration comes from the Italian chivalrous poem "The Orlando in love" ‐ “L’Orlando innamorato” ‐, a work left unfinished that allows for personalized interpretations: a knight and a princess, protagonists of enchanted fairy tales, two names th... Mais

Produto • By Oliver Kessler Design GmbHRAIN3 | RAINCUBE


RAIN³ draws its fascination from the ambivalence of a very clean, almost sterile and artificial cubic shape and the natural untameability of water. The bold lines of the cube can not tame the water running in chaotic and unpredictable ways through it... Mais