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NotíciasNotícia • 8 ago. 2022

Haydon Xi’an by Salone Del Salon is an artistic tribute to Retro, Sci-fi and Fantasy

Haydon, a multi-brand cosmetics retailer recently opened its doors to a striking, new retail space in the city of Xi’an. Designed by Salone Del Salon, the project goes beyond the definition of a typical commercial space and integrates the brand’s identity through creative expression. Sean With an area of 720sqm, the ground floor is like a metaphor for a tranquil pond, where the customers wade through the still waters characterized by the deep green tiles interspersed with diamond-like, black space capsules, adding a sci-fi touch.  Sean The interiors combine a retro aesthetic with coming-of-age sci-fi and industrial elements. A whimsical installation of seemingly growing roses that sit in an atrium space... Mais

Projeto • By Cartelle DesignEscritórios

Coworking DELO

Modern comfortable interior - lots of light, natural materials, timeless solutions. We tried to create a project with a modern interpretation of the Dagestan identity. To create a fusion of contemporary design, technological solutions and local culture. Office for young professionals who have gained freedom thanks to information technology Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Mais

Projeto • By ArchiGuruBares

Pinche Bar

The 300-square-meter bar is part of a large warehouse which hosts an American BBQ restaurant, administration offices, and several event spaces.  Located on the second level, Pinche Bar first welcomes its visitors to an outdoor terrace covered with plants and murals inspired by iconic American sports, musical, and cultural figures.  The outdoor areas hosts numerous picnic tables for dining and a small bar in the corner which is open to the public when the main bar inside is closed for special events.  The main entrance is opened by two large folding doors which allow for the main bar inside to be extended into the outdoor area during large parties and events.  When the doors are closed the metal façade reveals the... Mais

Projeto • By ArchiGuruEscritórios

Grupo Chilangogringo Office

Grupo Chilangogringo is a company that currently manages two BBQ restaurants in Mexico City. To accommodate their ever-growing business a new location was needed to host their operations staff and marketing team.  Their second restaurant is currently located within a giant repurposed factory from the 1960’s with many unoccupied areas.  It is within one of these zones that the new offices were going to be built.  Located on the second level, one area has circulation access and viewing to different parts of the building.  With large windows for daylight and privacy from the restaurant below it was the perfect place for the new office. Caption Caption There were many design requirements that had to be consi... Mais

Projeto • By ArchiGuruRestaurantes

Pinche Cafe

Pinche Gringo BBQ is a restaurant that serves authentic American barbecue.  Located inside a giant warehouse, it hosts weekly concerts, community events, and broadcasts a variety of sports matches.  The restaurant has been in operation for over a year, in a neighborhood that is rapidly developing with new residential and commercial projects.  To help prepare for this new influx of patrons a series of ventures have been proposed to further expand existing food services.  To meet the demands of the customers, one of the first projects built was a new café inside the warehouse. Caption Caption For the new location of the café the route to the bathroom was redirected from the original position.  ... Mais

Projeto • By gibertandtanEscritórios

BBR Headquarter

Este edifício de 94.440 pés quadrados, localizado nos arredores de Kuala Lumpur, consiste em um escritório de três andares adjacente a um armazém totalmente equipado, construído respectivamente em concreto armado e estrutura de aço. Caption Caption Gibert&Tan, que foi encarregado de projetar este novo escritório-barra-armazém, decidiu que a única maneira de abordar as qualidades dicotômicas inerentes ao brief de design (quase irreconciliável em linguagem e caráter), era abraçá-las e especificamente em seus termos. Gibert optou pela aceitação: “a decisão de levar adiante a geometria inclinada do arm... Mais

Projeto • By VersatileApartamentos

Loft Karlin

The apartment is located on the top floor of a building in the heart of Karlín, offering unforgettable views of the surrounding area and the adjacent Vítkov Hill. STUDIO FLUSSER   Due to the industrial feel of the entire building, the interior is designed as an industrial loft apartment. STUDIO FLUSSER   The main living space is of a linear plan connecting the two facades - on one side there is a semi-closed seating area, on the other side a dining room connected to the kitchen. STUDIO FLUSSER   The bathrooms are designed for both residents of the apartment - the men's in dark tones using natural slate, the women's in soft natural shades. STUDIO FLUSSER   Mais

Projeto • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersCentros Culturais

Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is housed in several historic brick industrial buildings along the Norwalk River and adjacent to the vibrant South Norwalk downtown historic district. BBB was engaged to design several new additions and renovation projects in response to the replacement of an aging railroad bridge that previously bisected the Aquarium campus. Building additions will utilize previously unoccupied portions of the Aquarium site, located away from the bridge construction area, and will improve and modernize the Aquarium’s facilities and exhibits. The contemporary design of the additions, emphasizing transparency and light, is an intentional contrast to the heavy brick walls of the existing buildings while also complementin... Mais

Projeto • By raum.atelierEscritórios


The modern new office building “Theo 105” is located in Düsseldorf-Rath and impresses with its architecturally fascinating design language. With its curved building form and rounded corners, it is reminiscent of a "tube", which can be traced back to the industrial location at that time. Today, new office complexes for various companies are increasingly settling in this area, such as Surplex GmbH.  Caption Surplex GmbH is a partial tenant in "Theo 105" and is known as an international trading company, which buys and sells used industrial machines for wood and metal processing. Caption The simplicity and straightness of the building facade was taken up by raum.atelier and is reflected in the interior design o... Mais

Projeto • By 3LHDHeranças

Urban revitalization of the Gredelj Zone

The abandoned industrial zone in the center of the city of Zagreb has occupied for decades the spaces that now give us the opportunity for the first systematic town planning after a long time.  The zone extends between Branimirova and Vukovarska streets and the railway and bus station. This area of 45 hectares is one of the most important spatial potentials of the City of Zagreb, only a 15-minute walk from the centre. For comparison, this area is twice the size of the Old City of Dubrovnik. The reconstruction of the Gredelj zone is an opportunity to solve one of the biggest urban problems in Zagreb, which is the disconnection between the north and the south. Because of the railway tracks these two parts of the city are connected at o... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 18 nov. 2020

Industrial Russian tower retrofitted with a loft-style contemporary workspace

Within a 19th century industrial building in St Petersburg, Art Gluck has introduced a modern office that meets the functional requirements of a contemporary building whilst maintaining the history of an industrial artifact.   Dmitry Tsyrencshikov The existing tower has a footprint of 10 square meters and a height of approximately 8 meters, allowing for a three-level space that accommodates an entry lobby (with wardrobe and bathroom), office space on the second floor and a recreation area with a kitchen and small library on the third level. The three levels are linked with a light metal staircase.  Dmitry Tsyrencshikov A particular challenge into the retrofit was creating even daylight throughout the building. The seco... Mais

Projeto • By Alumil S.AEscritórios

SPACES Theanous

How do you imagine an office building? Which are the needs for people that work daily inside an open space environment? Such questions find their answers in an architecturally unique way with SPACES Theanous in Petralona, Athens.  In a densely populated area, the biggest challenge for a building that is designed to be a place for rental offices , was the creation of spaces that would be constructed in a smart way, in order to minimize the loss of valuable square meters and at the same time would offer a pleasant atmosphere to those that work there. The stakes were high for barespace, the architectural office responsible for the research and design of this new project, which should create a building -  statement inside the urb... Mais

Projeto • By Egue y SetaFeiras

Alma Hair Spa Salon

Aura, spirit, character or personality. This is THE place to be if you want to pamper everything that is unique and intangible in you, while putting (your hair and) your head in the kindest and most experienced hands. Its creator has named it Alma (soul), and this premium new hairdressing concept is all about wellbeing, caring, comfort and health as the fundamental basis of appearance. To host this “alma” and keeping in mind the same brand values, we have designed this sensuous, suggestive and ethereal space that ends up being a “wellness treatment” on its own. An atmosphere of deem lights, kind textures and sinuous curves that manages to add up to this wholistic beauty experience and reflecting the purity of your so... Mais

Projeto • By Architectural Studio Ivana LukovicLojas

Milk Boutique in Athens

The project was commissioned by a traditional dairy products factory from the Attica region. Beside the milk as a basic product, the place is designed  to provide the customer with the whole new range of chef’s freshly made dairy products that could be observed, tasted and bought, thus transferring the everyday commodity to another level of experience. Due to complex sanitary conditions required for the “in situ” production of the ice cream and milk-based sweets, the rear part of the space accommodated a double-height, separated transparent glass box, protected from the direct view of the clients by the full-height, intriguing, screen-like multiplicated metal pipe that resembles the industrial facility. By painting i... Mais

Projeto • By Randic and AssociatesUsinas Elétricas

Transmission System Operator

O complexo de construção do operador do sistema de transmissão croata (HOPS) está localizado em Matulji, Croácia, dentro de uma subestação elétrica existente. O local fica ao lado de uma antiga estação ferroviária de Matulji, que na virada do século XIX foi conectada com Opatija por uma linha de bonde, eletrificada em 1908. Na época, Opatija, além de Karlovy Vary, era o destino turístico mais visitado do país. Império Austro-Húngaro, quando os trens eram o principal meio de transporte. Os passageiros não vêm a Opatija pela estação de trem Matulji há muito tempo - a atraente linha de... Mais