An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about isalone2018

Produto • By TeckellStratego


One board, multiple entertainment options. Select a base in Calacatta or Black Marquina marble. Choose a game and place inside the appropriate thin metal game surface.  A block of tempered, extra-clear crystal solidly rests on top, completing another masterpiece by Teckell, dedicated to crafting stylish, classic board games. Mais

Produto • By TeckellTakto Vivo

Takto Vivo

Marvel at this wonder of precise, pristine gears gloriously visible and safely encased in a precious walnut frame. Vivo celebrates the marching forward of time and encourages us to live fully every single second, each as precious as the materials with which this Teckell clock was crafted.  Mais

Produto • By Amura labNOA


Softness is the main feature of NOA, the armchair blossoming like a fleshy flower with essential lines. Soft is the generous seat, so full and florid that embodies the very concept of comfort. Soft are the sinuous lines of the ergonomic back frame, seemingly as delicate as a petal, but actually a solid shell that can encase the substantial dimensions of the seat, and give stability to the whole structure. It’s a game of joints and volumes, of full and empty, taking shape with NOA, which translates in an irresistible invitation to lay back. Ready to fit into any kind of ambient, from the living room to the bedroom, to lounges of strong personality, NOA is available as a single or double seat, and is made even more versatile by the possibilit... Mais

Produto • By Amura labNX


NX is a dining table and its name derives by his structure itself; NX. It’s the newest creative approach, from the unique design, a solid oak structure as a light writing in the space.  Mais

Produto • By Amura labSETACCI


The SETACCI collection is made of coffee tables of different height and diameter of their top.They are borne out of the same ideological matrix of the PANIS upholstery collection, thus enriching it both functionally and conceptually. The inspiration, in fact, comes from the sieves used for the flour, commonly used in the agricultural tradition, which in Altamura are elevated to instruments of a sacral ritual, because of the centrality of the bread-making in this land. From the ancient sieves the new Amura coffee tables take the morphology, in a strongly contemporary abstraction, that never betrays their original shapes. Thus, the models are characterised by a perforated top in sheet metal, wood or leather; traditionally sieves had different... Mais

Produto • By Amura labPANIS


 Heritage is a concept that, in Altamura, is closely identified with the warm fragrance of a large loaf of bread, inviting to conviviality. And it’s to this very millennia-old tradition and to its land of origin that Amura wants to pay homage with its new PANIS Collection. The iconic image of the large loafs, a veritable local cult, becomes thus the inspiration for a line of upholstery with generous, soft shapes that can be declined in all possible configurations, from chair to sofa and bed. The essence of the project is best told by the ottomans, where the hint to the cuts traditionally applied on the dough is evident the most.  The swift and essential lines, though never severe, that shape the entire collection also hint back at... Mais

Produto • By MorosoChamfer


Chamfer: diagonal movement. An intuition born from carpentry terminology becomes the distinctive feature of a modular system, which is new in terms of formal construction and innovative in terms of compositional flexibility.Even though the literal interpretation of the term chamfer refers to a smooth angle created with a 45° cut through a right angle, within this sofa it expresses a twofold widening of aesthetical and functional perspective. On the outside, the chamfer softens the shape and acts as a guide, its size conferring both a spatial and an architectural value. On the inside the angle encloses and supports, favouring a versatile seating style that adapts perfectly to a residential environment as well as to public areas.Through five... Mais

Produto • By MorosoGentry Extra Light

Gentry Extra Light

A relaunch, inspired by an upward stretch. Being revisited in a gracious and careful manner, directed at lightness with the utmost respect for balance and proportion.Gentry Extra Light evolves from the reassuring solidity of the first Gentry, focusing on the feminine high heel play. While springing up, it winks and seduces, never denying its strong personality. The change in height does not disrupt the poise, but it alludes with more honesty to the freedom of choice between discipline and lenience, between conventional use and spontaneity. An overall lightening, from the structure to the Braid lining, purposefully scaled down in the saddle stitch (Baby braid). The Gentry Sofa, one of the company’s most successful products, will be... Mais

Produto • By MorosoGreen Light

Green Light

Moroso presents tables and a shelving system designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson at Salone del Mobile in 2018. The prototypes, presented for the first time during last Salone, are derived from Eliasson’s Green light – a stackable lamp module based on the golden triangle that can be combined to form luminous sculptures or sprawling modular environments. The lamp module is central to Eliasson’s “Green light – An artistic workshop”, a project created in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. Launched in 2016 at TBA21–Augarten, in Vienna, Green light – An artistic workshop invites refugees and asylum seekers to participate in the communal construction of lamps, and hosts a multifaceted learning programme tha... Mais

Produto • By MorosoMellow


Mellow is the new soft furniture armchair developed by Federica Capitani for Moroso.The backrest gently envelops the rounded seat and creates in one generous gesture a relationship to the ground.Mellow’s smooth shape acts like a shell that snugly hosts the user, its asymmetrical configuration is inviting you to seat in different configurations, from upright conventional or casual for the office and public spaces to a relaxed lay down position for the home.Federica Capitani’s ongoing interest in drawing minimal monolith forms is synthesized with Mellow, where backrest, seat and feet are combined to create a distinctive armchair. Using carefully chosen textiles, Mellow’s surface provides warmth and texture to the hand. Mais

Produto • By MorosoCasa Modernista

Casa Modernista

This Modernista collection – despite its roots and references lying within Modernism – distinguishes itself with its ambitious attempt to integrate the figurative component, representative of Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien’s work, to the linear rationality of the rectangle geometric shape.The result, from a formal innovation point of view, is an achievement.The two designers contrast the classical composition, from the meticulous attention to the surface and material performance to the highlighting of a few meaningful traits: the central button denies and simultaneously reworks the capitonné padding bourgeois charm, while the base, revised through colour choice and the use of steel, tempers the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing.With Ca... Mais

Produto • By MorosoTAPE


Tape is an innovative product which brings together fashion, technology and sustainability. A modular range of seats and small tables in which polyurethane tape, used for sports clothing, is applied to join together small-sized scraps of fabric, which otherwise could not be used. The tape is therefore an aesthetic feature of the sofa as well as having an important functional role. The Tape sofa comprises a series of different “building blocks” - seats, backs and armrests - elements which can be placed together to create ever-different combinations able to adapt the design to large public spaces and also to smaller living areas. Each individual block is subdivided into a series of fabric panels, held together by the strips of polyurethane t... Mais

Produto • By EmecoAlfi Soft

Alfi Soft

HANOVER, PA – September 15, 2017 – Emeco is announcing an addition to the Alfi family - “Alfi Soft” - Fitted Upholstered Seat Covers. Alfi Soft covers are fitted seat covers that fit Alfi seats perfectly thanks to a structured foam interior and precision construction. Alfi Soft acknowledges Alfi’s humble character and comfort, and quietly transforms Alfi into an upholstered chair.Alfi Soft can be added to existing Alfi chairs and stools, and removed utilizing the smartly designed hole in the backrest. This design gives the user flexibility for cleaning and changing the slipcover.Alfi Soft is available for all product variations including both high back and low back Alfi chairs, counter stools and bar stools. Alfi Soft will be available in a... Mais

Produto • By EmecoAlfi Aluminum

Alfi Aluminum

HANOVER, PA – April 17, 2018 – Emeco today announced a new member of the Alfi Collection, Alfi Aluminum by Jasper Morrison, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy, April 17-22, at the Emeco stand - Hall 20, Stand E20.Acknowledging Emeco’s heritage aluminum craftsmanship and the original Alfi Collection’s success since it was launched in 2015, Jasper Morrison and Emeco created Alfi Aluminum, an aluminum frame option for the Alfi chair. Remaining true to its original design, Alfi Aluminum offers additional functionality and strength for heavy duty environments and is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.The aluminum hub is fixed to the underside of the seat and securely connects the seat to the aluminum legs. The extrud... Mais

Produto • By Emeco1 Inch Reclaimed

1 Inch Reclaimed

Jasper Morrison’s new 1 Inch Reclaimed chair stands out as a significant addition to the 1 Inch family with its simple shape, refined uniformity of a single material, perfect comfort, and quiet grace. With 1 Inch Reclaimed, Emeco and Jasper Morrison affirm the combination of timeless design and sustainable materials.Most importantly, 1 Inch Reclaimed shows us that the material and engineering of a chair are critical invisible design considerations. What you don’t see is as important as what you do see.1 Inch Reclaimed is made with 90% industrial waste material consisting of 75% waste polypropylene and 15% waste wood fiber.1 Inch Reclaimed is a one-piece mono-block stackable chair, that is useful and durable, engineered to meet the demands o... Mais