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Puasis architecture is advancing office desks and working equipment with strong quality companies and wants the best in its business. We are one of the companies that do these things right in Turkey.

Projeto • By Gokhan ErdoganEscritórios

Fashion Herms Office

Proje: Ofis M2: 160 Kullanım: moda herms ofisi Müteahhit: Puasis Mimarlık.Puasis architecture is advancing office desks and working equipment with strong quality companies and wants the best in its business.We are one of the companies that do these things right in Turkey.The feature of this design was to stay away from certain thoughts, Herms Office contains very large and spacious areas for use. It is a great place in terms of its location and the neighborhood's clearer location, and Istanbul Nişantaşı is at the most prominent point of transportation. Puasis architecture has defined this building with its more eye-catching designs. Mais

Projeto • By DUDES architectsEscritórios

Office Say Games

DUDES architects team presents a new minimalistic office space project for SayGamaes company. The project with a total area of 240 sq.m. is located in a small office building in Minsk on the 4th floor.  The main task was to create a cozy office with a home-like atmosphere.  Rejection of the open space planning and creation of small cozy spaces, which are integrated into the general central zone by means of big stained-glass windows, became the main theme for the office concept development. Caption The common area of the office is joined by a podium work space. The common space with an integrated kitchen conceals a staircase which leads up to the podium and creates a clean composition of simple forms. The common open space is... Mais

Projeto • By SpaceInvaderEscritórios

One Piccadilly Gardens

Leading Manchester interiors agency SpaceInvader has transformed the look of one of the city’s landmark developments at One Piccadilly Gardens for client LGIM Real Assets (Legal & General). The well-known building, originally designed by architects Allies and Morrison and developed in 2003 by Argent, faces onto the Gardens with high-impact red-brick frontage. The building is comprised of retail on the ground floor and office space above and was sold to Europa Capital in 2011 before being purchased by Legal & General in 2014. The brief to SpaceInvader for the new interiors of the six-storey, Grade A office building was to transform its look and feel into a more inviting, dynamic space that promoted a sense of welcome, wellbeing... Mais

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Interior Design

The friendship between the architect and alterra group began more than 2 years , when Alterra took over Managing a great ambitious project.. A huge abandoned industrial building with an adjacent territory in a couple of years turned into a respectable BC Palo Alto. A free-standing dilapidated 2-storey strange building was completely reconstructed into an incredibly short ( ) term (less than a year) and became the new home of the most development company . Sergey Polyushko Sergey Polyushko The office of alterra Group, whose , profile Commercial Real Estate Management was not only the customer and but also . , and direct executor, gene . Contractor at this facility.. The young creative team needed a non-trivial office. space. A bri... Mais

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UGI Headquarters

UGI Utilities, Inc. serves more than 700,000 customers in 45 counties across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and one county in Maryland. Its recently completed headquarters, a 93,000-square-foot facility located on a 33-acre tract, is designed to house approximately 350 employees. The site includes significant acreage set-aside as greenspace and includes nearly a mile of walking trails. “Construction of our new headquarters building marks a significant milestone in the history of UGI Utilities,” said Robert F. Beard, UGI CEO. “The location and design of our new building will enhance and expand our employees’ efforts aimed at providing excellent service and the safe and reliable delivery of energy to our customers... Mais

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Sanofi is a company dedicated to human health with a diversified portfolio of innovative solutions that respond to the needs of the population. It transforms scientific innovation into solutions for wellbeing.  Pim Schalkwijk One of the most difficult challenges facing the world today is to improve health. As a global biopharmaceutical company, Sanofi, driven by scientific innovation, renews and expands its offices, taking advantage of its great global commitment focused on continuous improvement. Pim Schalkwijk The design was based on a new trend of image and architecture different from the rest of the world. Its concern for the social, environmental and labor welfare of his collaborators has driven Sanofi to implement I+D... Mais

Projeto • By MIKAMI ArchitectsCentros de Distribuição

Pal System Tochigi Center

The PAL System Tochigi Center Concept Project is high-efficiency material distribution center and commercial clubhouse, and serves as a strategic base for the Ibaraki PAL System Life Cooperative to expand its business to the Tochigi area. It is located in the downtown area of the Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, and close to the national highway No.4 having convenient traffic. MIKAMI Architects MIKAMI Architects MIKAMI Architects The building was placed in the center of the slightly irregularly-shaped site and the delivery warehouse was laid out opposite the road. The three sides of the warehouse are used as berths for forty trucks and the road of the compound passes between the berths and the parking lot of the outer perimet... Mais

Projeto • By Evolution DesignEscritórios

SBA Group Offices

SBA Group, one of Lithuania’s largest business groups that operates in the furniture and apparel production and real estate sectors, has occupied its central headquarters located at the Green Hall business valley in Vilnius, Lithuania. SBA Group / Evaldas Lasys The vibrant offices, designed by Swiss architects Evolution Design in collaboration with Lithuanian studio Heima, reflect SBA’s forward-thinking approach in innovation and production and incorporate visual references to Lithuanian folklore. SBA Group / Evaldas Lasys SBA Group / Evaldas Lasys SBA Group / Evaldas Lasys «Our design concept expresses the daring and forward-thinking spirit of the company. There are no sharp corners in this office, i... Mais

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REDUS is a Mexican tech-company that began developing software and created a technological platform for buying and renting real estate, which offers a local partner plan to the real estate market interested in choosing their territory for further developing. Owning a property means security, wealth and even a good choice of business. REDUS opens its doors to investment in major developments for every sector. Crysel Bravo People today seek to generate their own income and manage their own time,  they also seek to trust their own ability to improve their quality of life; consequently, REDUS has developed a long-term strategy that will strengthen its market position by entering the commercial environment in Paseo de la Reforma with... Mais

Projeto • By GenproEscritórios

Rostech City

«Rostech-City» is a large office complex under construction on the territory of Tushinsky airfield in the north-west of Moscow. «Rosteh-City» is the first stage of the construction of a business park within the framework of the largest modern project of complex development of territories in Moscow in the district of Tushino on the principle Work.Live.Play.Learn. Caption We were given an ambitious and very rare task for the Moscow market - to develop an executive BIM-model for the Business Park with underground parking. This made it easier to collect data and created a single information space for all actors - developers, contractors and banks. Caption Mais

Projeto • By GenproEscritórios

Workki — Coworking Center

Workki Coworking Center is a new business-class space in Moscow for work, business meetings and events, the largest separate building of similar format in Russia. The reconstructed building is rectangular in terms of structure, with radial curvature of the end facades inscribed in the elongated rectangle. Caption The reconstructed building is located in a knot at the intersection of transport routes, which became the basis for the  architectural image and a facade solution creation. The idea was to create a visual perception of the object in motion. The composition of the facade by architectural bureau SPEECH is formed by a rhythmic alternation of horizontal color strips of warm tones, supplemented by plastic volume and larg... Mais

Projeto • By Architecture DisciplineEscritórios

Common Room

Located in Delhi's once abandoned Dhan Mill Compound, The Common Room (a collaborative project between Motherland Joint Ventures and Architecture Discipline) is a platform that brings together divergent ideas, influences, people and energies under one roof. It is not an accelerator, incubator or a co-working space. It is an alternative mindset that propagates a cross-disciplinary approach to enterprise. Jeetin Sharma Enabled as a platform for people to come together, seek help, attend or pitch themselves for seminars and lectures irrespective of their background, space is available at the common room for leasing. Manifested as a reflection of value systems both at the conceptual and functional level, the simple, timeless, unique and m... Mais

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This project was a conversion of an existing garage into the new home of a startup software company.  Designed around a set of OSB-clad boxes, the design plays with solid and void, with the boxes forming an irregular composition in the main garage workspace, but resolving in an ordered, formal elevation in the adjacent workroom.  Color animates the spaces, creating a playful contrast with the white and neutral palette of the open areas. KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH     Mais

Projeto • By Delugan Meissl Associated ArchitectsEscritórios

Sparkasse Bremen

DMAA’s design for the new headquarters of Sparkasse Bremen emerged from an invited competition for the development of a site, which is close to Bremen University – at the junction between Universitätsallee and the motorway access road – and offered few clues to designers regarding the shaping of the urban context and the building morphology. Piet Niemann The seemingly reserved, standalone building volume defines the location through the inviting gesture of its transparent base, which opens to its surroundings on three sides in the form of full-height glazing. The building makes a major contribution to the improvement of the adjacent open spaces as well as becoming an urban meeting place in itself, thanks to its... Mais

Projeto • By Jump & FlyHotéis

Dolce Sitges

The brief comprised converting three contiguous rooms into a single room so that it could be used for large office meeting events or weddings while maintaining the option of using them separately. The fixed partitions that separated the central room from the adjacent rooms needed to be replaced by mobile phones that could allow their movement, while maintaining the current capacity if the Hotel required it.  Jump & Fly The appearance of the rooms is simple as the design do not want to distract the users of the event that going to take place. The aim was to design a naked box that the companies or wedding couples could dress up according to their needs, spicing the room up with their branding and display.  Jump & F... Mais