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Produto • By Natufia smart indoor gardenNatufia hydroponic unit

Natufia hydroponic unit

NATUFIA SMART INDOOR GARDEN is an high end smart home appliance to grow organic herbs and vegetables indoor.‎ How does it work? Natufia technology automatically maintains optimal light, temperature, water and PH levels to ensure perfect gro... Mais

Projeto • By BoysPlayNiceEscritórios

EOH IT Hub in Prague

"We began with the idea of merging two opposite scales. The microscopic and the macroscopic. Cells have to divide in order to multiply, grow and specialize properly. Space, for us, means endless opportunities and visions. It is full of creativity and... Mais

Produto • By Danielle Trofe DesignMushLume Hemi Pendant

MushLume Hemi Pendant

The MushLume lighting collection redefines what interior objects are made from and encourages a departure from conventional materials. By tapping into a unique material science such as mushroom mycelium, we can begin to reimagine a more sustainable f... Mais

Produto • By SeripFolio Collection

Folio Collection

Like a fragment of a whole, the Folio Collection has the intensity of a still moment directly withdrawn from nature. The natural form reflects the arbitrary composition of patterns in a complex set of reflections and contrasts resulting in a sense of... Mais

Projeto • By A+DBares


A new store concept for a chain of salad bars' TUKAN.Organic, local and healthy.Main decisions:- a lot of hand writing (on boards, walls, shelf markers. TV's etc.)- eye-catching graphic,- a green wall made of salads, green leaves etc. (in an unique r... Mais
Organicly shaper villa

Projeto • By StudioARCHotéis

Organic villa family house and resort el Palol

Design of hotel complex. One villa is currently done, other parts of resort are waiting to be build. Mais

Projeto • By StudioARCEstados

Organic family house

Sustainable organic family house nearby Prague. Mais

Projeto • By StudioARCPaisagem residencial

Atrium familly house

Design of bigger atrium, organic shaped house. Construction is made of wood, natural insulation. Green extensive roof covered by grass and small plants. Mais

Projeto • By BrigadaLojas

Organic Food Store - bio&bio

The new bio&bio store was opened on Zagreb’s Square of Eugen Kvaternik, inside Nama shopping mall, the first one in Zagreb after bio&bio’s rebranding and the largest one so far. The store’s location inside Nama shopping mall effected its design. We... Mais

Projeto • By Forbo Flooring SystemsBancos

Coffee bar in Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank is the second largest independent Danish bank “The client has a requirement for sustainability. What could be better than an natural organic material, which is nice to be around, has an attractive texture and functions in a public space... Mais

Projeto • By BAUXPiscinas

The Tynningo Pool House – Natural Indoor Harmony

This contemporary pool house offers year round relaxation, with stunning views over Stockholm’s archipelago. But creating the perfect indoor environment meant overcoming a few challenges. Architect David Wettergren was looking for a material that wou... Mais

Projeto • By Yazgan Design ArchitecturePlanos Diretores

Sorgun Ecopark

With a total area of 1.140.410 m², Sorgun Ecopark is aimed to rehabilitate the Sorgun Coal Mine which has been operated by Yeni Çeltek Coal and Mining Inc. Co. for over forty years. With an elaborate landscape design, the now defunct coal mine will b... Mais

Projeto • By TSM Asociados SRLShowrooms

Claro Smart Center

The Claro Smart Center dome is a commercial venue built for a multinational telecommunications company named Claro. It is located inside an important Shopping Mall based in Lima, Peru. TSM Asociados SRL was elected to design the interior of this spac... Mais

Produto • By Arper SPABardi’s Bowl Chair (limited edition)

Bardi’s Bowl Chair (limited edition)

The Bowl Chair designed by the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951 is a semi-spherical seat resting on a metallic ring structure, supported by four legs. The Bowl Chair’s simple form echoes Lina Bo Bardi's love for simple, functional, o... Mais

Produto • By 3formConnection


Connection -Intersecting Lines, Intriguing Movement The production process of 3form Connection provides supplementary income for over a hundred Nepalese villagers. The multi-stage production process includes raising the silk worms, harvesting the... Mais