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Produto • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsPulse - Acoustic parametric seating

Pulse - Acoustic parametric seating

PULSE is a parametric exploration of individual organic forms and study of how one affects the other to create an architectural statement through unified design integrity and vision. Inspired by the natural form, fluidity and motion of nature it is a journey into the appreciation of spatial awareness within volume and an expression of organic boldness in simplicity, transforming any spatial envelope into an inspiring architectural haven. Mais

Produto • By TeknionSprout


The Sprout Stool & Table Collection is the culmination of Danish designer Thomas Pedersen melding classic organic lines with innovative ideas and simple details. The collection is inspired by nature − budding flowers, foliage and branches at varying stages of size and growth. Each can be displayed solo, like a small flower in a bud vase, or be part of a larger arrangement of similar or varying colors and textures. One of Sprout’s alluring qualities is that its sturdily constructed metal trumpet base and support can be finished in any Teknion paint color, creating endless possibilities when married with Luum Textiles upholstery options.Sprout StoolsCounter-height stools with a 24-inch (61cm) seat height and bar-height stools with a 30-in... Mais

Produto • By Atelier PRO architektenThe Mussel bank

The Mussel bank

The idea of The Mussel couch design was originated at our office, which is very close to Scheveningen at the seahore. It was specially designed for the Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital in Vlissingen of which Atelier PRO made the revitalization design and the interior design. The spaciousness, the finishing and the layout of the new atrium makes waiting, in often stressful circumstances, less unpleasant. This atrium is light, the view is green and you can take a seat on this striking piece of furniture, the mussel bank.Vlissingen is in the Dutch province of Zeeland known for its delicious mussels. That’s where the idea came from; designing an interior with a strong regional character. This can also be found in the rest of the interior with t... Mais

Produto • By KnightsbridgeAlfie Chair

Alfie Chair

Alfie, designed by award-winning British designer Sean Dare, is inspired by the 1960s film of the same name. The lounge chair features angular lines complemented with a masculine finish, making it the perfect standalone feature for a meeting room or breakout space. The workplace should be a dynamic environment, designed to foster creativity and encourage the birth of new ideas. Knightsbridge has approached the design of its Alfie chair with this in mind, crafting the piece to feel remarkably reminiscent of the home environment, to help encourage social interaction between colleagues and heighten productivity and the wellbeing of employees. Mais

Projeto • By CAPEXUSEscritórios


SPORTISIMO is a leading Czech retailer of sporting goods and sport is the key element throughout the company's entire new HQ, which CAPEXUS both designed and built. The company's work environment was designed to be as flexible as possible. Employees can work in offices from anywhere."It's important that offices adapt to the needs of upcoming generations," said Daniel Matula, the co-founder of CAPEXUS, which designed and built the office for SPORTISIMO. "One third of employees today are millennials, and employees under 30 definitely prefer workplaces that can be changed easily, rather than strictly divided offices and meeting rooms."CAPEXUS architects therefore emphasized the variability of the workplace. The new headquarters of the sporting... Mais

Produto • By VondomSABINAS


SABINAS is the new collection of Javier Mariscal for VONDOM.It’s inspired in a fluid organic shape, running away to the straight lines andthe geometry.Its outline looks like dunes, a female curves.This collection goes beyond of playing a role, but suggests a specialfriendship and tenderness relationship with the user.As all collections of the author remits a very mariscaliano formal code.Its comfort as well as its material character permit their use in bothindoor and outdoor spaces. Mais

Produto • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignAkiba Bench & Seating by Nüvist

Akiba Bench & Seating by Nüvist

Akiba inspired by the smoothly branched forms found within nature. We have tried to explore the relationship between abstractness and branch form lines so applied the techniques of abstraction, movement and asymmetry to bring life and identity to a solid line form. Akiba, a superb piece with fluid and straight lines which inviting users to seat and explore a continuous curvilinear lines. Intended for multi-functional use as a bench, table, a surface to touch, to rest on for outdoor and also indoor spaces. Mais

Produto • By Luke HughesCharterhouse stacking bench range

Charterhouse stacking bench range

A classic Luke Hughes design, the Charterhouse stacking bench is designed to allow churches and cathedrals of all sizes to maximise their capacity. They can be carried by two people for simple repositioning and can be stacked discreetly. Mais

Produto • By DAMDuo I

Duo I

With a strong geometric character, DUO is a dialogue between two different shades of cork. The DUO exists in 5 versions. Each grows from its two-dimensional tile pattern making it a three-dimensional volume that ends in circular shape. You can then switch between two functions: a square table and a circular bench. Together, the pieces create vibrant compositions and a set of shapes according to where they are observed.Dimensions  W30 x D30 x H45 cm.Weight 9 kg Mais

Produto • By SteelcaseRegard Modular Lounge Seating

Regard Modular Lounge Seating

The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful. Features MEANINGFUL WAITING The Regard system was created to solve the challenges of today’s waiting places, where people sit isolated, disconnected, uncomfortable and unproductive. Providing the right blend of solutions, Regard helps make these moments more meaningful by offering greater comfort, connection and privacy. Designed to improve transition moments in healthcare waiting places, Regard also supports learning and working in libraries, cafes and other in-between spaces at education institutions and corporations. INTEGRATED POWER Regard creates the right settings for leveraging technology in multiple ways. With integrated outlets at th... Mais

Produto • By TeknionFractals


Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk for Studio TK, the Fractals™ seating group was conceived with two important criteria in mind: to support the worker and groups of team-based workers in open and collaborative environments, and to provide a modular program that, in its articulation, creates a new level of planning. Fractals includes three simple pieces: a lounge chair, an ottoman/bench and a settee with a lower or optional higher back that creates a degree of privacy. Boldly innovative and visually compelling, Fractals opens up new planning possibilities for contemporary, forward-thinking environments. The surface planes, volumes and modularity of the pieces are intended to create a broad canvas on which to use a variety... Mais

Produto • By SteelcaseGesture


The first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. It was inspired by the movement of the human body. Created for the way we work today. Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work, live and behave. The new, multiple devices we deploy throughout our work day allow us to flow between tasks, fluidly, and frequently. Gesture™ is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. Inspired by the movement of the human body. Created for the way we work today. Gesture Headrest Option Inspired by the broad range of motion in the head and neck, the Gesture headrest not only provides comfort, but also offers choice and control over wor... Mais

Produto • By SteelcaseSteelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1 delivers on what’s important — performance, style and choice. It retains everything that’s valued in a chair, while making it attainable for everyone. MORE CHOICES WIth 11 mix-and-match knit, flexor and lumbar colors, and a wide range of shell and finish options, Series 1 offers an abundance of choice that enables organizations to express their brand in a way that represents them best. INTUITIVE SUPPORT Series 1 was thoughtfully designed with integrated LiveBack technology, adaptive bolstering and 4D adjustable arms, delivering the dynamic performance you’ve come to expect from Steelcase. A Range of Spaces With a lightweight, slim profile and one of the smallest footprints within this class of chair—Series 1 p... Mais

Produto • By ActiuBend


COOL WORKING social offices Bend soft seating allows you to create comfortable and informal meeting points that foster communication among employees. Its simple design and appearance invites you to take a seat. MODULARITY Endless layouts Bend is made up of 4 different modules that can be connected to one another, including forming a closed circle. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination. SOFT SEATING warm appearance The Bend soft seating for offices has different modules and structures. The wooden finish on the legs adds an extra warmth and homely feel to the office. ACCESSORIES additional elements Bend comes with different accessories including round modules and side tables of differen... Mais

Projeto • By Arper SPACasas Particulares

Villa Wienberg

The intimate Danish summer house, designed by Mette and Martin Wienberg, is a rigorous play of light, material and volume. The design is simple and abstract; the hard lines of concrete and steel are tempered by the warmth of wood, and softened by leather and fur, white curtains, large windows, and soft lighting. The result is a sense of intimacy– a ‘warm cove’, beautiful, functional and cosy, where every family member can find their own space. It is unpretentious and simple, in harmony with tradition. “If you have quiet rooms, the views of the garden look almost like paintings,” Mette says. This portrait of rich minimalism called for very particular furnishings. The chairs would be almost the only true furniture – repeated, in differe... Mais