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Produto • By Davide Groppi srlFLASH


Davide Groppi, 2017MetalWall lampLength divisibleAvailable at up 12 metres in lengthIt is Infinito turned around, creating direct light that flows downward from the light source.The stainless steel strip, 9 mm in width, can be stretched up to 12 m in... Mais

Produto • By Davide Groppi srlENDLESS


Davide Groppi, 2018This system was created and patented by our Team in order to transport electric energy in a digital and graphic manner.It’s the idea of considering walls and ceilings like electronic circuits so that the positioning of lights and l... Mais

Produto • By Young ProjectsPdP Pulled Plaster Panels

PdP Pulled Plaster Panels

Our PdP Pulled Plaster Panels were born out of real-world material experimentation in our Gerken Residence project, completed in 2015. In developing this prototype, 
we moved fluidly between digital modeling and full-scale mockups to create a dynamic... Mais

Produto • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsKOMPAQDRAIN® COMPACT CHANNEL


ULMA Architectural Solutions presents KOMPAQDRAIN®, its new, innovative compact drainage channel with Max Flow® system. KOMPAQDRAIN® is a novel compact channel made of polymer concrete, suitable up to load class F900, according to standard EN-143... Mais

Produto • By KnollAvio


Avio, designed by Piero Lissoni, is the new, contemporary and versatile sofa component system, to reinterpret and make better use of any type of space. It is ideal for those who appreciate solid, elegant design that epitomizes a comfortable, relaxed... Mais

Produto • By tossBbpipe


the bpipe is a light system which originated from a technical solution based on bending and cutting pipes. Its clear and elegant design, based on the pure shape of a cylinder, allows to create a wide range of lamps: hang, wall, table and floor lamp;... Mais

Projeto • By Strikolith BVCasas Particulares

Villa te Drongen

Architectural villa with the Strikotherm external wall insulation system 100-200. This sleek modern building with a minimum of details, integrated rain drain. This trendy home in white decorative plaster insulation system has dark accent with b... Mais