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Projeto • By modus studioParques / Jardins

The Evans Tree House at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Nestled in a natural Ouachita Mountain hillside along Lake Hamilton at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the Evans Children’s Adventure Garden welcomed a new tree house to the grounds in summer of 2018. This tree house is the first of three planned for the garden that will provide an interactive educational experience for visiting children as part of an ambitious plan to bring children back into the woods. The tree house uses a rich visual and tactile environment to stimulate the mind and body to strengthen connections back to the natural world, while accommodating the needs of all users.   This unique structure is a defining small project for modus. From design to fabrication we were able to merge our childhood... Mais

Projeto • By Hoover ArchitectureCasas Particulares

West Park Contemporary

My clients had originally hired me to design their contemporary dream home on a beautiful West Park lot on the Hudson River. We were well underway on the design when the opportunity arose for them to purchase a second lot—the property directly above their current one.  This new lot contained the foundation of a spec house, which was situated to look directly down onto my clients’ new home. They purchased the lot and we started design on what would ultimately become their guest house.   There were two challenges to this new project: (1) Designing something contemporary that fit on the existing foundation, since the original spec house was not my clients preferred architectural style and (2) my clients required the hou... Mais

Projeto • By Atelier PRO architektenEscolas secundárias

Lumion Amsterdam schoolinterieur

The original school building on the Amsterdam Vlaardingenlaaan used to be the location of a secondary technical school. This brutalistic building from 1973 was designed by architect Ben Ingwersen. It now houses Lumion Amsterdam, a comprehensive school for pre-vocational secondary education (vmbo-t), senior secondary education (havo) and pre-university education (vwo).   The building did not meet the standards of Lumion's educational ambitions. After a radical revitalization, a new ensemble of buildings, designed by atelier PRO had arisen in 2019. The existing building was respectfully renovated. Part of the old practice halls was removed and part was renovated. In addition, a new five-storey building section was added. The junior stu... Mais

Projeto • By 3MIXCentros comerciais

Chengdu Shimao Longquanyi Shopping Mall

Chengdu Shimao Longquanyi Shopping Center is located in Longquan Mountain, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. It is a popular tourist city, every march in spring, the city welcomes many tourists and lots of activities going on, it is a beautiful city with unique natural scenery and tourism resources. In the development project, 3MIX tries to integrate unique natural resources and introduce elements such as hibiscus, ginkgo, bamboo forest and tree house to create a unique commercial experience, making it a new star of shopping and fashion lifestyle center. The huge ginkgo leaf-shaped LED screen instantly increases the attractiveness of the entrance. 3MIX introduces the design concept of “Flower Whisper”. The walk flows inspired by the... Mais

Projeto • By Estudio En HebraCasas Particulares

Casa De La Higuera

CASA DE LA HIGUERA (Casa da Figueira) éumpequeno apartamento no centro da cidade de Valencia, que orienta seusespaços a umpátio que os banhacom luz indireta.   O seu interior é trabalhadocom texturas naturais, onde é possível ver a mão do homem e formas imperfeitas, de forma limitada e controlada.   Estudio En Hebra queria colaborar para criar ambientes com diferentes aspectos do design local, artistas e escultores de Valência, para criar uma sinergia tipo umagaleria de arte, que enfatizaria os espaçosabertos e limpos da casa.   Os detalhessão simples, a iluminação é ajustada, praticamente inexistente no teto, toda a casa é... Mais

Projeto • By Gonzalo GuzmanCasas Particulares

Tree House for kids

 ‘’No project is too small or too big for us’’, a phrase that many Architects often use. Nowadays we find ourselves designing things that we never thought we would do. The reason for a that is the lack of work due to mandatory quarantine, and we obviously have a lot of free time that we spend with our kids, the real responsibles and designers of this little project that I promised to start building when quarantine is over, that is why I called it ‘’Post quarantine tree house for kids’’.   My 4 years old kids sitting next to me as we watch the pictures of the place where the tree house is going to be located near a country house, and we start to imagine a little project in the middl... Mais

Projeto • By AMPS Arquitectura y DiseñoCasas Particulares


Situado na bela cidade de Hampshire, o resumo deste projeto era projetar uma casa de campo onde amigos e familiares pudessem passar longos períodos de tempo ao lado da residência principal da fazenda existente.   Com a imagem em mente dos celeiros revestidos de madeira preta e do edifício do estábulo da fazenda existente, realizamos uma reinterpretação do projeto. Uma preocupação vital era definir a arquitetura dentro da paisagem circundante de maneira natural. Uma abordagem formal e colorida semelhante à fazenda existente foi usada para o design da nova casa, mas foi reinterpretada de maneira totalmente contemporânea, da estrutura aos acabamentos e, principalmente,... Mais

Projeto • By Sneha Divias AtelierBares

La Petit Treehouse Cafe

The clients are a collective of young parents who have lived in Dubai since the 1980s, and who are proud to call this city their home. Passionate about spaces that engage, educate, and empower children, that spark creativity, trigger imagination and growth at the same time. Their mission is to create a destination for children and their parents that commences as a medium in order to be happier, more creative, more imaginative, better informed, more inspired, more aware, more balanced, and more amazed.   The task at hand required Sneha Divias Atelier to envision and create a space where children can gather and harness creativity while deriving inspiration from a sculptural tree house, in an environment that is conceptual and entices c... Mais

Projeto • By Sneha Divias AtelierEscolas Primárias


The clients are a collective of young parents who have lived in Dubai since the 1980s, and who are proud to call this city their home. Passionate about play spaces that engage, educate, and empower children, that spark creativity, trigger imagination and growth at the same time. Who firmly believe that arcade games, ball pools, and jumping castles simply can't achieve the desired results. The mission is to create a destination for children that commences as a medium in order to be happier, more creative, more imaginative, better informed, more inspired, more aware, more balanced, and more amazed. The space is a world-class for-profit play facility that optimizes these various objectives.   BRIEF It was our task to create a space th... Mais

Projeto • By Fermín BlancoCasas Particulares

Doña Ana Regufee

It was a grey and yellow day. I didn’t know if the wind was carrying rain or if the cloud was heavy and was wetting the ground. The dense silence was only interrupted by the rustling of the trees and a few rays of sunlight which escaped through the clouds. Dusk was falling, and the leaves were freezing over. Smoke was puffing from the chimney. There was only one light in the wood: a refuge. (1*) There are places brimming with sensations; little phenomena between the magical and the daily, between that which strikes you and that which is profoundly normal. These are places with which we have a link, like something attached to our insides. Simple, familiar, without pretensions, yet still able to stir up emotion within us and form... Mais

Projeto • By Christoph Hesse ArchitectsPlaygrounds

A House for my Niece

Every child dreams of a tree house where to read, where to play, where to hide and space to imagine.All those childhood fantasies are materialized in the project “A House for my Niece”. It is a small construction made out of concrete and wood realized in the family’s garden, where the children can retreat.The upper level is accessed over a ladder and through a small door. Thanks to the height and a window, the room opens up towards the natural surrounding landscape.  Mais

Projeto • By Loop Design StudioRestaurantes

Playground Restaurant

Location: Chandigarh, India Architects: Loop Design Studio Lead Architects: Suvrita Bhardwaj, Nikhil Pratap Singh Area: 370 sq. metres Year of construction: 2018 Photography: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj ( Client: Ayush Singla/ WOW Hospitality   The intent behind creating Playground was to break the conventionality of brutalist architecture of Chandigarh. The inside/outside concept was quashed and the restaurant has been treated as a single envelope that flows from one end to another. The expansive single surface has been broken into multiple levels and sections with their own vibe and spatial characteristics. This helps realize the client's vision of 'restaurants within a restaurant' where each section would... Mais

Projeto • By Wutopia LabBares


The Fairyland Premium Kids Café designed by Wutopia Lab is officially open to the public in Dalian on May 28th, 2019. The brand is mutually owned by PACEE Education and Fairyland so that there will be shared resources from PACEEthat the clientwishes kids can enjoy learning with entertainment. This cafewill be the first educational family restaurant in China.   Daughter One day morning my daughter Tangtang was drawing out her dreamy fairyland and I really want to make that dream come true, so more kids can come and join in this wonderful fairyland.    The exterior façade of the restaurant is made of aluminum panels with punctures of various sizes on it to create aneffect of ripples woven together. Behind the... Mais

Projeto • By ERA architectsCasas Particulares

Pinea Suite

THE ASK To design a simple, adventurous, different and creative accommodation that promotes natural environments.   THE PROJECT Pinea is a minimum suite for users to live nature from above. Pinea is designed to be implanted in a natural environment, imitating the structure of a tree and being respectful with the landscape and the environment. The base is made of superficial foundations to avoid digging or damaging the environment. This reinforced concrete is camouflaged with recycled ceramic gravel which mimicks the color of  pinnace. From these bases arise the metal pillars simulating forest trunks in order to support the pseudo-hut. The front pillars are designed as a swimming pool ladder that leads to the entrance of the air... Mais

Projeto • By fabriKGBares

Tree Houses at Acre

Located in Las Animas Bajas, a privileged area in San Jose del Cabo for its natural landscape, the project “Tree Houses” emerges inside Acre’s Restaurant and Bar, a property with 10 hectares of cultivation area, mango trees and a centenary palm grove that impacts the visitor from the road. The "Tree Houses" project is the result of a desire to create a boutique hotel that provides a rural experience of tranquility and a direct connection with the nature of Los Cabos, a space that combines cultural sensitivity and respect for the protected natural area.   The project is materialized in 13 individual units, each one formed by a lightweight steel structure, elevated 4 to 5 m above the ground level on elegant metal colu... Mais